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  1. NoCombsJustDiddy

    Episode 56 — Twins

    Tray Songz. (Oh, and spectacular episode, as always.)
  2. NoCombsJustDiddy

    Episode 161 — Highly Illogical

    Scott's stifled laughter Echoes in earphones like song. Now bring out the girls.
  3. NoCombsJustDiddy

    Episode — Perception Pt. 2

    Tig is certainly, certainly missed, and I hope things get better with her and she comes back soon. But you guys all did a good job in her absence with these episodes. This show was great in Ep. 1 and has only gotten better. That's been (another) comment.
  4. NoCombsJustDiddy

    Episode 22 — Fart Scientist

    Always a great podcast. Also, Andy Daly can't say the world "girls" without it bringing hilarity.
  5. NoCombsJustDiddy

    Episode 152 — Behind the Irony Curtain

    "I thought they were mustard packets." Wow. Even on an "off" day, CBB is gold.
  6. NoCombsJustDiddy

    Episode 148 — Wipeout!

    This episode is a superstar in a superstar machine, takin' it to the stars, emotion lotion.
  7. NoCombsJustDiddy

    Episode 144 — Clones and Oliver Stones

    Where did the band first meet?
  8. NoCombsJustDiddy

    Episode 142 — Popcorn.com

    ...and that's how you play "Would You Rather."
  9. NoCombsJustDiddy

    Episode 141 — Ladies Night

    "...and not the horns that Jews normally have." Tremendous show as always. Can never have enough Tig, and R&B (which sounds like it should be a thing, BTW) are amazing marriage interrogators.
  10. NoCombsJustDiddy

    Episode 136 — 2011 Holiday Spectacular

    Original Transformer. Bob Ducca's rap. The Foam Corner drop. The whole episode. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah indeed (unless you've lost your religion).
  11. NoCombsJustDiddy

    Episode 73 — Ol\' Cookiebeard

    Whenever I want to impress a lady, I give 'er the ol' William Jennings Bryan.
  12. NoCombsJustDiddy

    Episode 135 — Scavenge and the Wisemen

    There can be only one...Scott Aukserman.
  13. NoCombsJustDiddy

    Episode 134 — Bride of Chucky

    ...aaaaaand 10 more minutes.
  14. NoCombsJustDiddy

    Episode 4 — Desert Vacation

    The multiple referee. Wow.
  15. NoCombsJustDiddy

    Episode 132 — Occupy Thanksgiving

    Hot Dog is clearly not what's up. . Meanwhile, Scott once again killed it. "Knowing someone in the 90s" is a tremendous euphemism for sex.
  16. NoCombsJustDiddy

    1-2-3, Chip Gardner!

    1-2-3, Chip Gardner!
  17. NoCombsJustDiddy

    Episode 128 — Coach? Coach? Coach?

    "Shamone" and "hee-hee" are the finest words in the English language, but only when uttered by Hot Saucerman.
  18. NoCombsJustDiddy

    Episode 127 — National Pleasure

    Scott as game host...wow, as always. Hearing the guest confused by the "real" misheard lyric is never short of hilarious. And that yes-or-no-only WYR this time... . And as David Thomas said, this was a yes-and master class. Scheer ran with everything. After he took it like that movie Taken, of course.
  19. NoCombsJustDiddy

    Episode 122 — Shanghaied by Irene

  20. NoCombsJustDiddy

    Episode 122 — Shanghaied by Irene

  21. NoCombsJustDiddy

    Episode 120 — Farts and Procreation

    Wow. Ridiculous. Hilarious. Ridiculously hilarious. CBB might be the best thing going in recorded comedy.
  22. NoCombsJustDiddy

    Episode 120 — Farts and Procreation

    Wow. Ridiculous. Hilarious. Ridiculously hilarious. CBB might be the best thing going in recorded comedy.
  23. NoCombsJustDiddy

    Episode 118 — Hologram Toes

    Excellent show, as always. The haters' words are worth only what they paid for this podcast. Also, new catch phrase proposal: "What's up, Dot hog?" A quasi-dyslexic play on words, plus a probing question for someone who won't share their rainbow-colored gumdrop candies.
  24. NoCombsJustDiddy

    Episode 117 — Can\'t Never Did Nothing

    So David Cross happened to say "taint" ("tainted," really) during Hollywood Facts. Accident...?