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  1. When I downloaded this, I had no idea who was in it besides Andy. I can't express the joy I felt upon hearing PFT's famous background laugh.


    As for the episode, I can't say anything that hasn't already been said. Simply amazing. Loooong, but never a single weak moment. Matt and Andy seem to suggest that every episode won't be 2+ hours, but you'd make me a very happy man if they were.

  2. I just read that email and had to come post. It's a good thing I never use my brain when I internet anyway, because it most certainly 'sploded when I got to the part about Never Not Funny. I was genuinely not expecting to be blown away, but here I am, blown away. I've never actually heard NNF before, because it wasn't free (I'm a terrible person), but I've always wanted to, so I can't wait to finally check it out. Starting 2014 with Jimmy Pardo and Andy Daly...how can it get any better?

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