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    Episode 18 — Lamorne Morris, Our Close Friend

    Hey Sean and Hayes, sorry I took such a long absence after my first post got read on air. I've been busy enjoying the renown that came from such massive overnight exposure. Anyway, I'm back with an exclusive original followup question specifically crafted for Mick Thume: Mick, you've done a few youtubes. Are there as many behind the scenes pranks on youtubes sets? Followup: Speak on that.
  2. KeithGlaze

    Episode 1 — Jake Johnson, Our Close Friend

    Long time listener of Hollywood(weird) Handbook, first time poster. I have one Q for Mr. Pally to A: What kind of twisted pranks have you pulled on set? Scott Anchorman says that you're a true prank-fiend. Thanks bye.