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  1. The other day I stopped by Redbox to see what movies they had. I saw Jason Statham in mid-jump, and I immediately rented Wild Card.


    I very rarely bail on a movie, but dear God this was a trainwreck. It feels like 3 or 4 separate movies jammed together. This movie combines HDTGM's love of both Jason Statham and horrible movies, making it a no-brainer, which also describes the script, written by WILLIAM GOLDMAN.

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  2. I've only experienced Tim from his last appearance on CBB (the only episodes I've turned off before the end.) I agree with Pants Masterson (a sentence I never thought I would say.)


    I enjoyed the first part, but thought it completely went off the rails once Adomian's character showed up. Maybe some people like Tim's fake irritability. I get that comedy is subjective; I guess Tim and Eric's humor is just not for me. The only thing that irritates me is that I didn't get to really enjoy my Adomian fix.