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    Episode 118 — Hologram Toes

    Patton is by far the best guest to have along with a character guest. He gladly throws his own interview out the window to keep pursuing the character guest for further depths of hilarity. Kudos Patton! (And Eddie as well, also great on this episode).
  2. Yabels

    Episode 1 — Analyze Phish

    The first problem with Phish, and "jam" music in general is the fans' dependence on the live shows. I can totally understand why Scott wouldn't "get it" from listening to live clips of "Fluffhead" or whatever. I mean, good lord, look at the Phish phans on this board alone: "50 shows," "66 shows"; I wouldn't see ANY of my favorite bands that many times for fear of growing sick of them. I think a good idea for this podcast is to record a podcast (or two) of Harris and Scott attending a Phish concert. However, this then brings up problem #2 with Phish and "jam" bands: dependence on drugs to really get into it. I can see that if a.) I wasn't high, b.) didn't know or particularly like any of the songs c.) everyone else is high as shit around me, that I'd want out of that show. Scott seems like a paranoid type when he's high, so I doubt he'd enjoy the show even on an edible or something like that.