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  1. I love the show but I think that the premise may be wearing a bit thin. How about changing the format so that guests bring in a selection of their favorite band's music and it is played alongside Phish. The guest must then attempt to convince Harris that their music is better than Phish.


    You should go make that show! I'ma keep on doin my thang though, thankee!

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  2. I appreciate all the work Earwolf has done for Harris Wittels, and I think his band made some great music (just that one time), but I find Harris to be not even funny in an ironic way. I think the last time PFT was on a show with him, he was called a piece of shit numerous times, and not really as a joke either.


    I'm just saying, there's so many funny people out there, I hope this is a good episode I haven't listened yet.


    hey man fuck you!!! Im super funny!



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  3. Dear Josh T,

    This comes straight from Trey:

    "we'd met and started jamming together. We knew about two songs. Jeff [Holdsworth, a previous guitarist who left after he was "born-again"] knew someone who wanted us to play at this ROTC Christmas jormal dance -- black tie. We decided to do it, but we didn't have enough songs for a whole evening. We didn't have mike stands, just hockey sticks with mikes duct-tapes to a table. No name, nothing. "Phish" just kind of got thrown in there because of Fish's name. Anyway, we went to the gig with about 35 cover song, like "Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress," "Heard it through the grapevine," stuff like that. They hated us. [Michael Jackson's] Thriller had just been released; they cranked it up on the turntable, and we couldn't compete. So we selected the name for that gig, and it just stuck."

    Thanks for playing.


    ps. Scott, I standby what I said to Noah Wilderman. His co-worker is a shithead. And Foam, when not in a corner, is the worst.

  4. Noah Wilderman,

    It's not my fault you listened to the podcast with your shitty co-worker. The reason I chose those songs is because they are "beginner" Phish songs, the songs that people *typically* first like when they get into Phish. I couldn't have explained that any more clearly on the podcast. If someone doesn't like "jambands" (like Scott) I am not going to jump right into a 15 minute Mike's Groove. That would be counter-productive. I even explained that in the third episode, I would focus on playing exclusively jams, since he has now been introduced to their songs. You cant jump right into the deep end.

    You're an idiot,

    PS. I'm a Phish fan and I don't even like Foam.

  5. Hello all, glad you all enjoyed and hated the podcast. I understand why a lot of you took issue with how I chose to introduce Scott to the band, but there is also a reason behind every song I chose. I wanted a studio track from Billy Breathes to start with, but the lyrics to Free would have been made fun of to no end. "Freeeeeeeee" is the chorus. That is so incredibly lame if you dont like Phish, so to those suggesting that -- no.

    A lot of people are suggesting I opened with Chalkdust -- a song, which has good rock elements to it, but whose lyrics Trey wrote when he was 15. Once again, I assumed the lyrics of 15 year old Trey being stuck in a science classroom would have been lame as fuck.

    Reba composed section? Really? You want me to start with one of their most complex and "bop boop beep" sections of music in their reportoire for a guy who constantly makes fun of "bop boop beep" type music, that sounds like a terrible idea.

    I chose Wilson because at my first Phish show, when the audience was yelling "wilson" that was the moment I was like "ooo I wanna know why everyone is chanting wilson." I thought it may pique his interest AND its a straight forward rock song.

    Tweezer? He explicitly stated he hates slap bass.

    You also have to realize I cant just play him a full song from A LIVE ONE or SLIP STICH or HOIST, so he cant listen to a great Hood in its entirety. Otherwise itd be a different ballgame entirely.

    I thought about all this, you guys. I have a new game plan for the next recording.

    OH BUT ALSO, this is all in just for fun and Scott will never ever like Phish. It's just fun to defend them and fun to hear him shit on them. So those trying to really make him like Phish, thats a tall order. Just enjoy it and be secure in knowing that you like Phish and get "it" and oh well.

    Also, very happy you guys care enough to comment. You made very compelling arguments, each of you.