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    Episode 217 - Listeners, Our Close Friends 4

    Just checking in for the first time in 4 years to say I did listen to this episode and I do still like the show, and all the shows should be like this. It works for me because you can hear the callers are trying very hard, and one thing that I love about Hollywood Handbook is that famous thing where you can hear all the effort and strain which the hosts put into it
  2. Scooby Donkers

    EPISODE 133 — Alison Rich, Our Close Friend

    Mug on movies wow you gotta do better dude cmon Houston
  3. Scooby Donkers

    EPISODE 133 — Alison Rich, Our Close Friend

    OK wow yes I'm up for this bc hey I'm a natural at this, which is, after all, what I just said. Cargo's the name, name joke's are my game lol right? well I will just interrupt to say, it has to be better than honlads's joke? because actually? I don't love being pitted against my friends ok. And it's like, who really wins in this situation? Because I COULD make a joke right now that made honlads look like a fuckin chump y'know, but that's my dude right there man. But I can't back down from a challenge, I just can't. It's my biggest weakness actually. So here we go, you asked for it lol: Houston me right round baby right round Ok actually can I take that back? Is that tracking for you guys, bc I honestly don't actually feel super great about it. And I said a lot of stuff about how I'm so confident but sometimes it's like, what am I even doing here you know? Is this my legacy? I'm sorry dude I gotta go, this is a lot to process right now sorry man I feel like I let you down just, bye ok bye
  4. Scooby Donkers

    EPISODE 133 — Alison Rich, Our Close Friend

    Ok wow yes dude yes. A lot of people are gonna come in here with a lot of big talk about "don't do name jokes" but guess what dude, fuck that. "Don't make a joke about my name I've heard it a million times" ok right lol life is sooo tough hearing hilarious jokes automatically every single time you meet someone. Ok sure you hate laughing I get it. You know what it is its this PC culture. Me, I only do name jokes now. That's it bud. Especially when I'm using a little app called Tinder, or as I call it, NinTinder 64 (name jokes), bc that's how many chicks I bone on there a week. A WEEK BRO. Exclusively name jokes. And BELIEVE ME, I do JUST fine lol. Don't worry about me my guy. Quick for instance off the dome: girls name is Yolanda, I come in like "is ur dad Sully Sullenberger bc Yo-landa a love-plane in my heart-river." But don't use that, that's mine
  5. Scooby Donkers

    Episode 131 - Jake and Amir, Our Close Friends

    Here's something I made for some reason I forget why, but it was definitely all my idea and I had no help from my friend Kevin. There's gonna be some talk about how it was all his idea but nope it wasn't and who the fuck is Kevin even, some asshole probably, I don't know and I don't care hope it gets lots of approval in the forum, approval for me, Josh, that's who
  6. Scooby Donkers

    Hollywood Handbook Art

    hadn't seen this yet and let me just say what a genuinely wonderful drawing and design this is.
  7. Scooby Donkers

    New Handbook Head

    shotgunned like w beer, cool as fuck, this guy checks out shit waddup dude woof woof bark
  8. Scooby Donkers

    Episode 122 - Deadpool, Our Close Fiend

    I instantly got SO mad about this but then I saw the EDIT and it was like this guy is editing himSELF that shows real self-awareness Kev so no hard feelins
  9. oh wow ok guys cool your fuckin jets you're not getting like promoted or whatever by kissing up to the admins jfc. it's like these guys think they're gonna get promoted or something EDIT: wait can we get like promoted or what, bc I actually also think you deserve so many stars Agata EDIT 2: wtf are stars what are we even talking about EDIT 3: ok never mind I see them, those little star things under the picture right, I see them now
  10. Sorry to stomp your "tip" but here's a tip for ya turn on the GD light lolol
  11. Yeah, strongly agree. Brett is always so funny and quick.
  12. yah Kev it's like that fat child Andy Millionakis or that guy who's friends with Tim & Eric, David Leebe Heart, and it's like they actually respect each other and they all agree it's comedy, so it's cool to laugh at them
  13. Omg what a joke this is. I really don't want to lose this in the shuffle bc Jesus fucking Christ this joke. it's like old fashioned but timeless y'know. Great joke man, great fucking joke
  14. Hey, that's kind of neat. Those coincidences can be cool and make the world seem a bit smaller.
  15. LOL it's like these clowns don't even fucking listen
  16. Allo allo allo m8 wot I forgot me vegemites n cuppas init bruv, finna fill me gob wiv wine gums down the sainsburys YEAH how do you like that Dairy Pillows USA USA USA PS happy Christmas sorry for being mean I just don't celebrate it so I'm getting some sick burns in while you're softened by the Christmas spirit
  17. Oh wow I find this very condescending but I have to admit I can read it now it says "favorites"
  18. This whole crazy situation is starting to remind me of a famous literature book I once read oh no wait it's this, this whole situation is starting to remind me of this
  19. ooh big mistake you obv should have written a screed sorry lol what a fuckin lame lol good luck pal lolol omg
  20. Yeah and guess what fuck you guys, I'm going to take this opportunity to reiterate my ongoing disappointment and disgust at the tendency to regurgitate catchphrases and ape funny malapropisms. And hey, I'm as guilty as anyone! OK, well that's obviously just not true, but I'm guilty, too! And, far worse, I'm being a real grump about something that doesn't affect me in the slightest! So who's the real asshole, here? If you're saying "Why, Josh, it's you, you're the real asshole here," first of all I can't hear you because your screen isn't a window into my home, go take a GD computer class, and second of all, sorry but WRONG. It's still the people who think it's so fun not only to repeat funny things they've heard aloud, which is already dangerously close to unacceptably obnoxious, but also to type those funny things, which is just baffling. In recognition of my own past mistakes, I've taken the necessary step of retiring my former moniker, "Mean Detective," ("turning in my badge and gun" right guys? little bit of fun) in favor of this new, fun celebrity name mash-up thing, a refreshing new type of humorous nickname that's recently catching on in the wackier corners of the Internet. Now my name is so funny not because it's referencing something that some guy said on the radio, but because it's the product of my own fertile imagination, and it's totally unlike anything else out there. Instead of masturbatory, inward-facing humor, I want to engage in humor that's more like someone else is giving me a wicked HJ. Here's to a 2016 filled with originality and inclusive fun. In closing, I'd like to invite you all to eat my (cargo) shorts, did I do that, sorry, I've made a huge mistake, I immediately regret this decision, that just happened, Dr. Steve Brule, Lanaaaaaaaa, Tina Belcher, when there's trouble you call DW, Riggs!, completing each other's sandwiches, Bueller?, in space no one can hear you scream, I'm lovin' it, dude you're getting a Dell, can you hear me now, the horror the horror, do I look like a clown to you, God bless us everyone, and finally, SCREW YOU GUYS I'M GOIN HOME
  21. mostly we just talk about sports and bugs on here, from what I understand
  22. lol hahah yes Anthony Cumia is so funny to say because remember when he was fired for tweeting horrible things and then also remember just now when he was arrested for hurting his girlfriend
  23. Ok well actually Jagr is a fucking legend, so I get what you're doing, Hayes, but just watch it man. Have some fuckin respect. Guy was scoring goals when you were still shitting your fuckin diapers. I'd like to see what you're doing when you're 43--sitting on a fuckin SOFA I bet. Yeah, ok pal, enjoy your SOFA CUSHIONS. Meanwhile, Jagr will just keep playing shockingly decent hockey at the age of 43. Only hockey players are that tough. Ever heard of anything like that in any of these other soft sports? Yeah, exactly. That's because guys like Jagr don't waste their youths dancing around in the end zone like a Spice Girl or posing for watch ads, unlike some "athletes" I could name. What's happening to America smh
  24. Scooby Donkers

    EPISODE 113 — Listeners, Our Close Friends 3

    I love when people call us "rapid fans" of HH, it's like we're so fuckin quick you can't even catch us. Oh man what a rapid fanbase bc we're like quick on the draw. We're known as the fastest ones and that's something to be proud of actually