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  1. I've been listening to Comedy Bang Bang / Comedy Death Ray Radio since the episode count was somewhere in the early twenties. I'm not sure where, though, because I've relistened to so many episodes that I don't know when I first heard them. The show delights me on a regular basis, but I think the thing I like best about it is that it gave me advance warning of comedians that then proceeded to get very successful, which makes me feel like I was cool and ahead of the curve.

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  2. If you're wearing headphones, a grating voice that is high-pitched is a little more annoying, I think. But if the voice is supposed to be grating, then everything's working appropriately, you know?


    And as mentioned earlier, it's not like anyone's voice is more grating than Li'l Gary's. And Li'l Gary is the best, so.

  3. I'm starting to turn against F+. I think their clip was just too mean for me. I'm okay with making fun of people for writing crazy things on the Internet, but I guess I don't like making fun of them for their crazy fetishes.

    Also, am I crazy or was the intro music for Bob and Dan "Another Suitcase in Another Hall" from Evita?

  4. General note: The guest judges are topnotch every week. Everyone's been perfect.

    Episode note: The F+ segment felt a lot like the time that Brett Gelman read "iBrain" on Comedy Bang Bang. So while I thought it was funny, the structure didn't do much for me. I think I would have liked it more without the hosts pretending to try to stop the guest.