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  1. Pretty much following in the same shades as Shannon here, As A fan of the F Plus the first time listening to the podcast can be daunting. I think what is the discrepancy between the F Plus and the other podcasts is that often F Plus will post the actual site they are reading from so that the audience can read the forum itself and gain a feel for what the people are talking about and how people act within the forum. I agree that it is a difficult thing to follow, these are just some things that I believe make it easier. Credit where credit is due to Left Handed Radio, who I thought were starting off a little shaky, but came up good in the past couple of weeks. Bottom three are Totally Laime, F Plus and...maybe Bob and Dan?
  2. First Post! Hoorah for registering! I've more or less just lurked in the past couple of weeks listening to Besser and the judges listen to each of the podcasts and I've found a common complaint: F Plus are a great podcast (I've been a fan of theirs for several months) and I don't think the performances that they are putting in are bad, but like Zombies, it comes down to audio. In reality, all F plus is is people reading articles off the internet through various programs. As much of a fan I was of F Plus, I expected them to be eliminated this week not because of audio issues but because it was always unclear as to what they were reading from. It was never specified, at least to my knowledge. Having said that though, I highly agree with some of the above comments that say that Besser needed to at least give a listen to these podcasts before making the judges listen to them. He's been on the right track of asking: "what do you think this podcast does" and similar questions, I'd just like a little more of a clarity on his side. Apart from that, it was sad to see Zombies go and I can almost promise you that if the F Plus smash the next challenge theme out of the ball park, they are gone.