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  1. wakefresh

    Episode 68 — Chris Brown

    Everything you say can be applied to Charlie Sheen and he is nowhere even a quarter vilified like Chris Brown. Even John Galliano, who is on video screaming anti-Semitic slurs and threatening to kill Jewish children, is not as vilified as Chris Brown.
  2. wakefresh

    Episode 12 — Mazel Tov, My Nigga

    There is absolutely nothing that black people do that affects the behavior of white people. If that were the case, we would not see white people donning blackface and then getting into tortured arguments with each other over whether or not it is racist.
  3. wakefresh

    Episode 68 — Chris Brown

    But it also doesn't absolve those white assholes from what they did, but effectively all the coverage on Chris Brown does that for them. If you go on Gawker, they have atleast one story about Chris Brown each week. There are no more follow up stories on Mel Gibson and what he is doing. That is not because Mel Gibson is just sitting in his house crying. No, the coverage of Chris Brown is an EDITORIAL CHOICE.
  4. wakefresh

    Episode 19 — The Christmas Womptacular

    Ok, I will put up $50 USD/month to hear a weekly podcast with St. Clair, Lennon, Manzoukas, and Husky where they keep the same setup as this one -- podcasting from the Marina Del Rey library. Husky will pop in from time to time with inappropiate comments; Lennon will pop in with tales from Afghanistan and hard cuts to commercials, and we can hear more about the unraveling love affair with St. Clair and Manzoukas. You can have other guests pop in and pretend to be students at the high school who are doing the podcast as extra credit for school or as an alternative to in-school suspension. I will pledge $50 a month to make this happen. Any one else in?
  5. wakefresh

    Episode 19 — The Christmas Womptacular

    St. Clair is the best in the ep!!!!!
  6. wakefresh

    Episode 42 — CA: Half-Lives

    Paul Scheer and Jason Manzoukas are going to beat your ass if you keep stepping on their territory.
  7. wakefresh

    Episode 40 — CA: Slave Ship

    Can everyone please stop using black people as their defacto example of culturally insensitive words because black people still get called colored, negro, nigger, coon, and anything else racist white people happen to come up with. In these very forums, there are members who regard V-Nasty's use of the n-word as unproblematic and that there is no need for any further discussion. So, taking the analogy a little bit further, I'll give you the advice that white folks have given black people when issues like this come up: "Stop being so sensitive." "It's just a phrase" "Maybe YOU'RE the one with the gender issues" And my personal favorite... "It's 2012! We're past all of that now! It's a post-gender world!"
  8. wakefresh

    Episode 33 — Racist Sports Announcers

    Cleveland shouldn't even have sports teams. Their city sucks ass. May have made sense in the 30s and 40s when all of those factories were open and bustling, but not now. LeBron is following the migration patterns of most people in the country -- moving down South or out West.
  9. The funniest part of this movie is Keanu's southern accent. But I remember loving this movie as a kid because the Medical Examiner from Law and Order SVU shows a little boobie. I think Jason, who has been deprived of boobies thus far in the movies they reviewed, will be masturbating furiously to this one.
  10. wakefresh

    Episode 33 — Racist Sports Announcers

    There was a episode of "The League" that kind of hit on this where they went through all of the code words that sports announcers use for different races -- "scrappy, technical, smart" = White "class act" = Black people that sports announcers like "firebrand, hot pepper" = Latino "inscrutable" = Asian "freaks of nature, physically dominating" = Black "thugs" = Black people that sports announcers don't like
  11. wakefresh

    Episode 16.5 — Minisode 17

    If I was Donald Faison, I would kick my agent in the balls for showing me this script in the first place. On a side note, why did HE take this movie!? The man has given us Clueless and Scrubs. He's good. So why do this? I could understand Douchey McSoulPatch being in the movie (that MTV VJ gig was awhile ago) but not Donald. Do what you want Douchey, but leave Donald alone!
  12. wakefresh

    Episode 16 — Linguistics

    It is usually David that has the crazy ideas on the podcast ("i saw aliens on the 4th of July", "you can't prove that the inside of a computer is full of pixies moving stuff around"), but Kyle had a very crazy idea. At no time was the n-word less offensive to say or hear. At that time there was a movement in hip-hop to stop saying that word in lyrics. A movement that still is going on, being led by Al Sharpton. It's not a good word to say, by either black or white people. Because for the former, it shows that you have a lot self-hatred and subconsciously believe the narrative of white superiority. For the latter, it means you're racist asshole.
  13. wakefresh

    Episode 36 — How Did This Get Made?

    No, you're not.
  14. wakefresh

    Episode 36 — How Did This Get Made?

    Kris, actually you can't do that. No matter how angry you say "meatball" it will not have the same effect as calling a black person the n-word. There are hundreds of years and millions of dead and tortured humans behind that word. They weren't saying "meatball" while lynching people, Kris. Really, I can't believe that you even wrote something so silly.
  15. wakefresh

    Episode 36 — How Did This Get Made?

    That's the answer, anton. If you just keep ignoring racism it will all go away. Or better yet, when someone brings up the obvious racial dynamics in a white girl participating in an primarily black artform using slurs against the said creators of the artform, just distill it down to differing tastes in music. Anything to stop the conversation. Because in the end, you actually like that she does this. Or at the very least, don't see a big problem with it at all. Maybe you're one of those hipster fucks that thinks it is "unfair" that since black people go around insulting themselves that you should be able to as well. Maybe you're one of those misguided fools who think if enough (white) people use the n-word, then the word's "power" is taken away. Maybe you just don't like black people. I don't know. I'm letting Howard know that when he bumps Kreashawn(sp?) that is what he is promoting -- good ole fashioned appropriation.
  16. wakefresh

    Episode 36 — How Did This Get Made?

    Let me get this straight, Anton, you're puzzled by why I wouldn't want to hear a white chick call me the n-word?
  17. wakefresh

    Episode 36 — How Did This Get Made?

    Anyone who likes Kreashawn(sp?) is what is wrong with hip-hop and music in general. She is nothing more than a fucking hipster piece of shit doing blackface without the shoe polish. She and that other one, Vic Nasty, can go to hell. You should check out the YouTube video of where she excuses her partner's use of the n-word. And why does she think it is ok to use racial slurs? Because Vic Nasty went to jail one time; three years for armed robbery. Boo. Hiss.