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  1. thePATshow3

    Episode 110.5 — Sklarbro County 15

    Great show guys, but after a big deal made last week about the UM/Bama game and then a guest from Ann Arbor on the show directly following the game and still no mention of it anywhere?! I'm genuinely interested in your take on Denard and Big Blue 2012 but I know County doesn't get too sports-y so maybe there will be some mention on this week's Country. Great to see Kosta representing that olde english D, go Tigers!
  2. thePATshow3

    Episode 99.5 — Sklarbro County 4

    As a Detroit sports fan, no surprise that Charlie V couldn't make the Dominican Republic squad. Quite possible Joey D's worst signing since Darko... glad you guys touched on it, keep up the good work!
  3. thePATshow3

    Episode 97 — Self Cheerleader

    Morgan Murphy's line on the guy who rocks jeans to the pick up game: "too obvious of a hustle" had me dying at work. Great show/week for the Sklarbroverse.
  4. thePATshow3

    Episode 21 — Morning Becomes Oddly Racist

    newish listener - currently backlogging through the comedy bang-bang archive, as a michigan state grad i was sad to hear i missed an opportunity to see nathan brantley live at an east lansing, michigan town hall meeting! great show excited for the hundreds of episodes in my future