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    Episode 1 — Analyze Phish

    Just finished this episode today. I am with you Scott. Harris has an uphill battle ahead of him. This will be my second attempt to understand the reason this band is so beloved. If Phish has a serious side to them I will need to find out through this podcast only because i am certainly not going to spend the 5 seconds needed to research it myself on youtube. Life is too short for 16 minutes of mediocrity. "Meh": the perfect description for Phish. My mind is regularly in a state that is optimal for the Phish Experience...yet still here I am unconvinced. To each there own, and if you get something out of it, all the power to you. Perhaps there is more to this band. Like once you learn the wisdom of Phish you can realize the splendor that is Fluff Face. Potential to be good in my books but so far, no dice. To quote Lou Gehrig, "Strike 3 is important Harris." We are on the verge of Phish Sucks in my books. And i am a stoner that works in a record store... the ideal Phish-head.? (roly poly?)
  2. Cromwell Damuuga

    Episode 119 — Andi Callahan, RN

    I am going to commit suicide at the end of this episode... i almost thought he would survive the night. lol. andy daly is great. I am a fan of the Mulatto song of Dewey Cox. Damn funny episode.