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    I think you're totally misreading Kulap. She's all good vibes, and I'm pretty sure she states all the time how she thinks he has a brilliant mind.


    Don't get me wrong, I love Ku, and she's a very important part of why I love Whoch and Twoch. But sometimes, she seems to use Howard as some kind of foil when certain guests are in studio. Meaning, she takes things that have been discussed previously (such as space v. ocean, crazy make-'em-ups or movie length, etc.) and treats them as weird curiosities in these rare moments. Rather than the "That's just our crazy Howard" attitude of, say, your average Twooch episode. Once again, I love KU!!! And this is not a critique. It just makes me sad to hear mommy and daddy fight.

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  2. There are some shows where Kulap would rather portray Howard as an idiot to the guest. This is one of those shows. This guest, in particular, seemed to have a bond with the show and with Howard and Kulap seemed to be in overdrive to pick out the things that Howard does on a normal basis that make the show what it is. It reminds me of the people that would be your friend unless there was someone else around, but only insult you in public. It makes me sad....

  3. I'm listening to old Harris podcasts today rather than focus on work. It makes me so sad to lose a member of the Earwolf community, whether I knew them personally or not. He was so young and had such an amazing future ahead of him. He, and his future foam corners, will be missed. R.I.P. Harris.

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  4. These live shows are always wheels off. Howard's frenetic energy and desire to entertain the live audience always cause stutter-step conversations, Kulap confusion, and just plain awkward statements. I love it. The audience's reaction to "Fuck Fruitvale" had me cringing in my seat, and I was laughing out loud at Howard's attempt to backtrack and explain. I've been a Chartist since day one, and if I go to a live show and don't get a front row seat, someone's getting "The Bugle" pounded out on their head!

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  5. "Coming up off that...R. Kelly...uh, stickers...stickers. R. Kelly stickers." One of the best things about Twooch (and Whooch by proxy), is the "family vibe" surrounding it. From the "Chartist" label and all the gifts (and resulting theme song), to the personal stories and rare disagreements; Howard, Ku, and Stard always make the show seem like a get together of (true) best friends, and I'm just lucky enough to be in the circle. Ku's admission of how happy she was to be back "home" during Howard and Stard's telling of the alligator tail nonsense, really made me smile. I understood what she was saying and feeling, and darn it I FELT IT TOO! This is the best podcast. I'll fight anyone who says different.

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