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  1. Tig's cancer diagnosis really affected me. I have been very worried that the news would get even worse. Picturing a world without Tig Notaro was depressing. And then, this morning, when I saw that the episode included a Tig update, I was nervous. When she said that she is cancer-free I stopped what I was doing and buried my face in a blanket and wept my little heart out. My husband thought something was wrong with me but I explained it was good news! I'm so relieved. Crying because you are happy is always the best! Thank you Tig for being ok!

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  2. Hey... I was just listening to a back episode of Totally Laime and Elizabeth mentioned her birthday was September 19th! That was two days ago, so I thought it would be appropriate to say Happy Birthday to Elizabeth RIGHT HERE!

    Happy Birthday!


    long-time listener and fake-teeth twin,


  3. I've watched too much Law and Order SVU and I every time I have to look into a dumpster I think I'm going to find a dead body. Part of it is probably that I would feel like a hero for having found it, which is sad. But, alas, I haven't found even one yet! When Elizabeth talked about her toilet baby psychosis, I was surprised that I've never thought about that.