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    Episode 296 — Taking the Bladder Out

    Is this the first ever instance where a guest had to leave for some arbitrary reason in the middle of the show and actually didn't come back? Or am I an idiot and Phineas was done by Showalter and not Wain?
  2. JohnFisticuffs

    Episode 43 — Songs In The Key of SoBe

    Another great episode. Can we take a poll or something regarding letting the guest in on the last chart? I realize I've said this in multiple threads, but the guest slowly realizing the chart is about them helped keep the momentum throughout the last portion of the show. I realize that the longer you go, more and more guests are going to be aware of what's up before they even come in, but I think that those few moments of "hey! I'm from GenericVille!" are exquisite. It's similar to when guests go to Bang Bang and play games with Hot Saucerman like Hollywood Facts. Keep the hits coming, Also, loved DBS at the end of the ep!
  3. JohnFisticuffs

    Chart Suggestions!!!!!

    1) Top 5 Math Rock Albums of 2011 (so far)... HA, it's angular. also, 7-4 = 8! 2) What about the obv top 5 comedy album charts of some time period? 3) Your movies chart could be the top 5 streamed movies from netflix (or from some other service, etc if you don't want to advertise a specific brand).
  4. JohnFisticuffs

    Episode 38 — The Return of Suit McGoo

    no love for head busser? For some reason that tickled me something fierce. I think it was because I, like Howard, didn't catch on to the bit at first and was struck by the simplicity and absurdness of the premise. I'm giggling thinking about it, and yes, I'm a grown ass man.