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  1. i'm sure you've heard him on a bunch of the podcasts. it's his birthday! say happy birthday to him! i challenge you to find someone more passionate about earwolf. he works his ass off to make the shows happen, and is such a big fan of what we do. keeps the energy in the studio up and keeps it fun for everybody. check out his music: http://dustinmartian...drunk-matter-ep and follow on twitter: @dustinmartian and HEY LADIES HE'S SINGLE
  2. cyrus

    Birdemic Podcast

  3. cyrus

    Show us your Earwolf swag!!

    love the wolf dead shirts.
  4. cyrus

    Five Suggestions for HDTGM

    wild at heart is one of my favorite movies, but i don't think its HDTGM material.
  5. cyrus

    RSS feed?

    The feed is now on the show page, and otherwise available here: http://feeds.feedburner.com/ronnaandbeverly Sorry for the delay! Enjoy the podcast.
  6. cyrus

    Queen of the Damned (2002)

    i hate vampires
  7. cyrus

    Episode 80 — Ms. Sklarbro Int’l

    bless you, mr brooks.
  8. cyrus

    Episode 19 — Vacation Crashing

    welcome to earwolf!
  9. cyrus

    Shameless :(

    sarah, glad you're happy! $50 may not get you a shout out on a podcast, but ya absolutely get one from the crew. the earwolf site makes it seem like only $100 donations will do, but seriously, donations of any amount keep these shows possible. and the donations keep us paid, even if we're just being paid to be goofy / post candid videos / draw on a photo of a coworker and his girlfriend / take turns recreating that photo on the whiteboard. so thanks!
  10. cyrus

    Episode 5 — Gelmania V

    earwolf.com/gelmania-v Tongues. KKK: Kim Kardashian’s Kunt. Hanyaanahaa. Mr America. We Figured It Out – Friends are Business, with Curtis Gwinn. You Will Fuck Me. Toupee 3. Tongues.
  11. cyrus

    Shameless :(

    what up sarah
  12. i think you mean, "happy toe see me"
  13. cyrus

    Episode 142 — Popcorn.com

    i hd-rented billion dollar movie from itunes last night. it was phenomenal, totally worth the $10. will likely go to their LA screening in march. info on that and other city's showings here: http://www.landmarktheatres.com/Films/films_frameset.asp?id=113499
  14. If there was a university that specialized in being hilarious and cool on podcasts, Erinn Hayes would graduate cum laude! Childrens Hospital's Dr. Lola Spratt makes a house call this week to hear what's charting in country music, find out what movies are making an impression, and play a challenging round of Chart Piñata. She's got celebrity bridge connections, a mother's perspective on cinema, and an impressive bank of comedy credits so it would behoove you to give it a listen!
  15. i know. i know. i hate this movie. my notes from watching it are here: http://forum.earwolf.com/topic/5621-birdemic-shock-and-terror/page__view__findpost__p__26766
  16. let's keep them in the minisode thread: http://forum.earwolf...t-designs-here/
  17. i think this is my favorite episode of podcasts to date.
  18. cyrus

    Episode 37 — Sustainability

    this link is going around facebook right now: http://www.footprintnetwork.org/en/index.php/GFN/page/calculators/ apparently if everyone lived like me, we'd need 6 earths to be alright. sorry!
  19. cyrus

    How can we improve the Earwolf.com forums?

    make sure it's exactly square?
  20. cyrus

    Shitty Pun

    no no no no no no no no no no no
  21. there are actually 12 posters now - 2 were added in at the buzzer. HERE ARE THE TOP 3! #3 - ROBERT BYRD #2 - MEL SANCHEZ #1 - WILL OWEN
  22. cyrus

    New Forum Format

    it's still being worked on. the buttons will be addressed. any feedback is appreciated!