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  1. cyrus

    Comedy Bang Bang: The TV Series!

    according to scott in another thread: "I don't know where someone was asking if it would be available on iTunes - but looks like they're doing that with Season 2 of Portlandia. So maybe? I'm not in charge of that."
  2. cyrus

    Episodes for purchase on iTunes...?

    according to scott: http://www.earwolf.com/forums/topic.php?id=2911&page=2#post-12660 "I don't know where someone was asking if it would be available on iTunes - but looks like they're doing that with Season 2 of Portlandia. So maybe? I'm not in charge of that."
  3. cyrus

    SXSW fest

    no plans to make it out myself, but i know dustin's been trying to squash some goosh in austin for a while now.
  4. cyrus

    Episode 4 β€” Gelmania IV

    gelmania is beyond original. gelmania is beyond gangsta.
  5. sorry dudicles, the episode is now fixed. go enjoy the best improv out there!
  6. Hi Lee, We have 139+ episodes of CBB on archive available for streaming: http://www.earwolf.com/show/comedy-bang-bang-podcast/
  7. Hi Lee, Have you considered listening to Gelmania? http://www.earwolf.com/show/gelmania/
  8. cyrus

    Using the Amazon link

    it won't say it on the receipt - but as long as it's there when you initially click over, you're good. thanks for using our link, it means a lot and really does make a difference in keeping us going!
  9. cyrus

    Episodes for purchase on iTunes...?

    hi sara! actually the 3 bumbershoot shows are on sale for $3.99 each on itunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/comedy-bang-bang-the-podcast/id467622312 please buy the crap out of them!
  10. cyrus

    Earwolf Store Conundrum

    bob packs those orders himself and i cannot speak for, nor apologize for, his nasty habits.
  11. cyrus

    Birdemic: Shock and Terror (2010)

    watched it a few years ago. absolutely godawful movie. if you can get your hands on it, don't. here were my viewing notes. includes spoilers. Cyrus Ghahremani October 30, 2009 at 4:14pm rundown of birdemic fails - awful 30 second loop repeating for intro score - jerky tripod action throughout - audio cuts when video cuts - awful cuts all the time actually - music sounds a lot like "the room" - awful montage of protagonist in traffic to victory music - each line of dialogue necessitates a shot change to the next speaker's face - uncomfortably long shots of things like storefronts - modeling montage of beautiful girl in awful clothes - "hey so how about dinner, at a vietnamese restaurant?" "sounds delicious, i'll see you then." (end of conversation) - so much soft lens, i'm going to puke (this is accentuated by occasional godawful green screen work) - aforementioned vietnamese restaurant is in a chinese strip mall - uncomfortably long shots of things like walls and doors - almost all of the slow pans (there are many) are left to right - every actor talks like english is their second language - 22 minutes in: first appearance of cgi birds, which float stationary in the sky like a screensaver - there are occasional awkward long passes of video without sound - sometimes the actors pause in place as if to say wait for "cut" - 28 minutes in: uncomfortably long applause montage (i can't put this to words really) - uncomfortably long shots of things like parking lots - 37:30 - two takes of a scene are shown one after another - 38:30 - gigantic dead cgi bird - 42:00 - musical number, awful bar singer, only the 2 protagonists dancing - i hate this movie and i want to die - 45:30 - awkward shot of feet rubbing together - 45:40 - THE BIRDEMIC TRAILER = UNEDITED MONTAGE FROM HERE - 46:00 - so many of the 3d birds are floating in place - 47:00 - morning after: they woke up more clothed than when they went to bed - 50:20 - "we need something to protect ourselves". coat hangers? - 50:40 - the gang fights 3d stationary floating birds with coat hangers. - 51:40 - oh ok, the protagonists' new friends are casual owners of ak47s - 53:30 - same bird sample used throughout - this happens a lot: a shot of a huge flock of screaming 3d hawks has an abrupt cut to one of the dudes shooting a gun, then an abrupt cut to one silent hawk being shot and falling - this movie should have been called "Guns vs Eagles" or "Oh No, Birds!" - 59:00 - despite the birdemic at hand, the gang has a fucking picnic - 61:00 - plot revealed (to uplifting synth cello) that global warming has ruined the food sources that birds usually have and that is why they're crazy now. but this does not really explain why they explode / combust sometimes - 63:00 - "where's becky?" "she's taking a shit. hey, how come you're not a marine anymore?" "i got tired of all the killing. why can't we give peace a chance?" -> abrupt cut to becky popping a squat / getting attacked by a hawk - i hate birds - 65:00 - "the eagles killed becky!" ... i hate the fucking eagles mannnnn - 67:50 - was that bird piss? bird acid? what the hell is going on here? - birds make the most fucking annoying sounds ever - 72:00 - wow. AVIAN JUSTICE. - 73:00 - yeah just leave behind the $100/gallon gasoline - 79:00 - the music is never a good indication of the scene's mood - 83:00 - there are constantly sounds of cars going by, when they're supposed to be rather deserted / on their own. - 87:00 - uncomfortable fishing / picnic montage. - 89:40 - wait, what the hell kind of space gun is that? - 92:00 - incredibly long, uncomfortable shot of birds flying away - goes right to credits. nothing ever gets resolved. the birds fly away and everything is assumed happily ever after. i would like to footnote this by saying everything in my write-up is exactly as it happened and i used quotation marks for a reason
  12. cyrus

    Episode 56 - Finish On Your Face

    69 love songs is good, but the best magnetic fields album is I.
  13. cody, that entire Fucked Up album is so good.
  14. my #1 song this year is Mark Lanegan's "Gravedigger's Song", but the album it's on won't come out until february. http://widgets.beggarspromo.com/thegravediggerssong . top 5 otherwise: Mayer Hawthorne "A Long Time" from How Do You Do Wild Beasts "Albatross" from Smother PJ Harvey "The Words That Maketh Murder" from Let England Shake Primus "Lee Van Cleef" from Green Naugahyde Telekinesis "Dirty Thing" from 12 Desperate Parallel Straight Lines
  15. cyrus

    Gelmania II

    rate, review, and subscribe on itunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/gelmania/id485535362
  16. Last week's episode was listed as improv4humans; this week's episode is listed as improv4humans.
  17. cyrus

    Episode 129 β€” Comedy Fang Fang

    liezl, your photos are amazing. happy halloween, everyone. go listen to & comment on gelmania: http://www.earwolf.com/episode/gelmania/
  18. cyrus

    Episode 66 β€” Sklarington Manor

    Julia, you did the right thing.
  19. I used to hate Phish for no reason. Now I hate them because I've heard a bunch of their music.
  20. cyrus

    Episode 23 β€” Weapons

    This link was mentioned later in the show: http://www.1timothy4-13.com/files/prophecy/incredweapons.html
  21. cyrus

    Episode 23 β€” Weapons

    ***Aaron’s Supplements *** also, this link was mentioned later in the show: http://www.1timothy4-13.com/files/prophecy/incredweapons.html
  22. here's the clip from 51:00 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-BD0nEg8h8