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  1. You knew it was going to happen, and now you get to live it! Scott and Harris went to see Phish at Madison Square Garden and we have aural proof! Listen as Scott and Harris recount the night with clips recorded at the show and featuring Scott's concerned wife, Harris' crunchy friends, and more than a few random Phish Phans. Plus, we delve into a controversy regarding the personnel of this infamous jam band. Will the show continue? Does Scott like Phish? You'll have to listen to find out.
  2. cyrus

    Gelmania Live.

    yo- some of the shows have been taped, which means content will end up on youtube or part of something much greater. stay hungry. currently we have two upcoming appearances - festivals - Sasquatch in Washington, and Sled Island in Calgary. i'm sure at some point we will come further east. what the hell else is going on? a triple-album: the universe? exclusive music for Vice.com? watch the trailer for read COMBOVER here: http://www.vice.com/columns/combover we are for the children!
  3. cyrus

    Episode 25 — Building The Track Pt. 9

    glad you're digging it! keep comments coming on future episodes! we love the feedback - and it's nice to hear any suggestions or comments on the format, process, and songs. Building the Track is such a difficult and crazy idea that we're still figuring out how to do it as well as possible. anyway: coming this monday we have a new BTT with Brendon Small who was great! we made a van halen song! major production improvement and probably the most fun session yet! and agreed: Man Man is tremendous live!
  4. cyrus

    Episode 16 - Building The Track Pt. 4

    follow @thebrianhuskey on instagram!
  5. cyrus

    Episode 13 - Building the Track

    thanks BC! internet song was totally improvised. after we finished the episode jon had to record some ads, so we all just jammed under it. Brett and I aren't famous yet. just old friends with bands that play shows with each other. give hot karate and scattered suns a listen!
  6. cyrus

    Episode 10 — Building The Track Pt 2

    So stoked you guys enjoy this segment! It's a lot of fun. Nick brought some great Beckness, jon sounded just like Nick Cave in the first few lines and Collins in some others. Meandering process but, anything can happen. Nick played like 5 seconds of guitar the whole time but it worked great in the chorus. Jon's last minute sax changed everything. And a lot of great stuff (medieval times) didn't even make it. Who else would you like to hear as a guest on this?
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XI7jC57GuZM 20 seconds in or so
  8. cyrus

    Episode 189 — The Pancake Man

    in 2008 i ate Kodiak Cakes on a daily basis, in place of bread if breakfast wasn't what was happening. no regrets
  9. eric okie-dokie's all day! i'm so glad this is being addressed publicly, it makes me absolutely crazy! god damn you eric!
  10. cyrus

    Episode 15 — Gelmania XV

    just taking a week off to party and pray. Gelmania never dies.
  11. a beat i made on my ipad. they freestyle on it at 81:00. lots of people have been asking questions like this! time for the Gelmania Mixtape?
  12. cyrus

    Episode 11 — Gelmania XI

  13. cyrus

    Episode 11 — Gelmania XI

    right on, gelmaniacs. we'll be going weekly now. subscribe on itunes! so glad people are into "i am bane". i can post an mp3 download for that if requested.
  14. cyrus

    Episode 96.5 — Sklarbro County 1

  15. cyrus

    Episode 8 — Gelmania VIII: LIVE!

    thank you!
  16. cyrus

    Episode 6 — Gelmania VI

    I don't like people. Death: A Poem. Gelmania Lincolns. Kill You Voicemail #1. Toupee - Chapter 4/5. Kill You Voicemail #2. Dusty Bubble (Bathing), with Brian Huskey. Voicemail Response. Rich and Poor - A Play, with Matt Besser, Lake Bell, June Diane Raphael, Paul Scheer, and Steve Agee. Kill You Voicemail #3. We Live in Danger. Why Not Live Dangerously?
  17. nailed it! "So how bout dinner to celebrate your success? I know a great vet-namese restaurant." "Sounds delicious, i'll see you then."
  18. no, we chose not to video this show. but if there is demand for it, the next might be filmed.
  19. derails it from being a podcast about movies to being a comedy podcast about movies.
  20. sorry matt, i disagree, santorum voters aren't real people. also... this is the best family photo out there:
  21. cyrus

    Episode 43 — Taste

    the show's photos, as well as video of kyle doing the worm, are coming! we used a different camera and had a mixup locating the files.