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    Super Awesome Job Harris!

    I for one think Harris is doing a fine job. Anyone who says otherwise is just jealous that they don't have a podcast in which to discuss their nerdy obsessions. To all of you phriends out there that think they could do a better job, here is a list of reasons that you would fail. (Remember, these do not apply to everyone, only the people on this forum.) 1. You are most likely a spun out, easily aggravated, dirty Wookie that can barley form a sentence. 2. You are probably so dissuasive that you couldn't convince "The Fonz" that he was cool. 3. The show is not called "Over Analyze Phish". It is, after all, just a band, not your little sister having sex with a black guy that you don't approve of. 4. Just because you might posses more knowledge than someone else on a subject, does not inherently make you a more entertaining host. Who's more entertaining, Bill Nye the Science Guy, or that insufferable Stephen Hawking? 5. You are most likely not that funny.
  2. Imgonnafuckmeaphish

    Episode 1 — Analyze Phish

    This is a great concept for a show. The dynamic between Scott and Harris is both geniune and hilarious. Now that I'm done sucking both of your dicks, I'll get down to the point. As far as live albums that are well recorded, I would say that "A Live One" and "Slip Stitch and Pass" are both very well engineered and performed. Also given that Scott seems to have an affinity to enjoy a more "Poppy jaunt", perhaps selections from "Hoist" or "A Picture of Nectar" might be a good example of some rock oriented studio material. Don't get me wrong. I Love a good groove, but Phish's ability can go far beyond that, even in the studio. All of this of course is subjective because it is art, much like comedy and cup stacking. Oh yeah, before I die, I'm gonna phuck me a Phish!