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    Episode 73.5 — 4/27/12 TWO CHARTED 12

    I'm not sure if it was in this episode, it was definitely one of the recent ones, where in part of the music chart was the song "Midnight city" by M83, Kulap explained the writer of the song was inspired by driving at night in California, or something like that, I'm looking for the explanation but can't find it. Could anyone please help me out with which episode and approx. what part of the episode this song is discussed? Thanks
  2. A band out of the UK called Spector, the single is called "Chevy Thunder", never would have found out about them it they weren't an a football show from the UK called "Soccer AM". Really great song, thought of the Sklar Bros right away when hearing it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XW_HMJLKHso&ob=av3e
  3. Definitely have Eddie Pepitone and Jimmy Pardo, two absolute LENGENDS, I really enjoy when veterans like Marc Maron (and the two I mentioned would probably be the same) are on because they aren't scared to say most of the stuff in the charts is usually shart. I have no interest in the charts but I love Kulap and Howard so it's very easy to listen to - similar to Sklarbro Country.
  4. I think the reason The Little Dum Dum Club hasn't been threatened with elimination and the reason THEY WILL WIN, is because simply put THEY ARE THE FUNNIEST, and I get the feeling Matt and the judges have been able to hear that regardless of the particular challenge.
  5. Aesop

    Episode 38 — The Return of Suit McGoo

    Next time there's a music chart transplant I suggest a SUMMAHHH REMIX - - - > Lil Wayne - Gucci Gucci Freestyle off his Sorry 4 The Wait mixtape. I'm sure Howard has heard this superior version by now, not trying to be a dick, but Kreayshawn's verses are real weak sauce.