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  1. @zach I appreciate that despite not being able to decode that puzzler of a sentence, you did find a way to be extremely offended. I'll try to use less math next time. @Buchanan If you think that The Fort Podcast was such a gift to this competition, and that TLP has just been rock bottom week after week, barely skating by on the host's ability to sound "cute", then I can understand why you still cling to an indefensible claim that they should be eliminated based on a poor performance for something that they do not do, and that grace should be granted to a podcast that did not deliver in any week, let alone the week that focused on a major pillar of their show. Since the internet has no room for hyperbole, let me rephrase the original statement into: TLP seems to be a very feminine podcast, with the large majority of its guests being relatively obscure female comedians, and the general subject matter often being driven by the sentiments and interests of a female host. I think this runs contrary to the known "boys club" that is comedy, and certainly comedy podcasts. As such, it seems to present an uncomfortable "other" to the folks who earnestly found lots of humor in shows like the F+, while being a breath of fresh air to the people who carry no such biases.
  2. I think the animosity towards TLP on here is maybe 20% the bias that the Challenge has shown them with all the front-runner talk, and 80% relating Laime to the vast majority of women that have never paid attention to the commenters.