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  1. sleepypedro

    Episode 48 — Nature of Identity

    Is there actually going to be a Topic-con in the Pine Barrens? I'm reasonably certain it was a joke, but it is definitely not a joke that I would attend and absorb every minute of such a Vital, Important social/intellectual function. It's the obvious next evolutionary step for Michael & Michael and the Topics Community. Any study groups in central Connecticut want to carpool?
  2. sleepypedro

    Sklarbro NFL.com Fantasy League

    I don't have the attention span for a fantasy league, but I'd gladly participate in / organize a Sklarbro Survival Pool if there's interest. Who among us has the prognosticative power to be crowned King Henderson?
  3. sleepypedro

    Episode 1 — Analyze Phish

    This breaks with the established clip format, but I say play a great Punch You In The Eye all the way through. It distills all the pieces that make Phish great in one relatively tight tune: you get some storytelling (without needing to know the history, college thesis blah blah), a great dark chord progression, Latin jamming during the Landlady section, and at the conclusion Scott will either start to get it or he won't. Since Scott mentions liking jazz, I'd lean heavily on that & play him the early fugal compositions. You were on the right track with Fluffhead, but that's *way* too inside. Try Guelah Papyrus > Asse Festival, the jam from Dinner & A Movie, and how about Buried Alive? I'm also shocked you didn't play Foam right out of the gates!