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  1. Wisconsin Life - Wienermobile So many hot dog puns in a Wisconsin Public Television piece on the Osacar Meyer Weinermobile and the people who drive it. Say "Cheesie Weenie!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKcGSDvYEwU
  2. Funny hearing Ben Gleib rank on superfans considering Jimmy Pardo's Father-in-law
  3. Thanks in advance for using this as the new catchphrase.
  4. Ex-gay therapist on CNN. Especially funny when it gets to 0:57. To summarize, a "therapist" has another man cradle him on a couch, and then hits a pillow with a tennis racket while yelling at his Mom.
  5. I'd like to see the guys from Don't Stop or We'll Die discuss Weezer's catalog.
  6. A Jon Hamm music podcast and it's NOT called Hamm Radio? For shame.
  7. Man Possessed by Gay Demon
  8. My guess was Chris D'Elia. He does the Improv a lot, carries himself like he's famous, probably comes off as arrogant, is a "bro", etc.
  9. You're welcome. https://soundcloud.com/bowdogg/comedy-bing-bong-2013-plugs
  10. ianbauer

    CBB Tour - Who's coming?

    I'm looking forward to the evening show in in Boston, what about you?