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  1. This was a good ep and I liked it a lot. I'm an old fan.
  2. This is getting pretty crude.
  3. Lot of comments you guys. If you're still taking questions for Mr. Mt. Zoukas, I would like him to speak on boats.
  4. When I was a child, I met Usher. He was playing Crash Bandicoot at my friend's house, and he wasn't very good at it. If you guys ever have Usher on your program (even though he was a music man, he was also on Moesha and also Scary Movie 5 [You guys probably haven't seen any of the Scary Movies because the title sounds too scary, but it's supposed to be funny]), you can ask him if he's ever gotten any better at Crash Bandicoot. I think that would be good. Thanks. P.S. I thought the show was very funny today.
  5. Nick Thune: What's with all the rhyming?
  6. Lamorne Morris, have you ever considered switching your first and last names? That way, your name would be Morris Lamorne. Thank You.
  7. Hayes and Sean, wanna feel young? This episode that came out yesterday is my new favorite episode.
  8. A nice question for Mr. Dierkes: Mr. Dierkes, what's the nicest thing you've ever said to Hayes and Sean? NOT A QUESTION: Hayes and Sean not knowing anything about computers or the internet is my new favorite running joke.
  9. I thought this episode of the podcast was very funny. I loffed a lot.
  10. I thought this was a really great episode, and not just because Brian Huskey read my name and a significant portion of my home address on the air. I thought it was great because it endorsed marriage for teens and popes all at the same time.
  11. cool songs and raps about the forums
  12. Hunter

    Episode BO2013.2 — Best of 2013 Pt 2

    I'm hoping for Super Chums. The saga of Lon Smudge's Cal Tabs delighted me.
  13. I would like you guys to do a dramatic reading of I Left My Heart In An Old Bucket.
  14. This episode was very rude. My dad made me shut it off, then he burned my iPod. I hate my new dad.
  15. Question for Damien: Have you ever worried about saying something very rude on live television?
  16. I used Hayes and Sean's Let's Do Lunching advice in real life. I don't live in Hollywood though, so I had a meeting with my dad instead of a famouse celebrity. I called my dad by the waither's name (Morgald), and I called the waither (Morgald) dad. Now I have a new dad. Thanks Hollywood Handbook. An update on the old bucket I got from ordering the pro version: I found a slimy snail inside! I named it Hayes, but I'm wondering if I should have named it Sean instead. Hayes Sean Hollywood Handbook
  17. Hunter

    Episode 6 — Paul Rust, Our Close Friend

    For Ellie Kemper: When they give you clothes to do acting in, is that nice? For anyone (probably Engineer Bread): You ever eat a whole bug?
  18. Hunter

    Episode 6 — Paul Rust, Our Close Friend

    I ordered the pro version last week. Today I received a big rock, an old bucket, and a drawing of a sailboat. Thanks Hollywood Handbook
  19. Question for Praul Rust: Have you ever done something very embarassing by accident in a Hollywood Situation (on a movies or televisions set, on a stage, in a very important meeting)? If so, how did you handle it? Tank you very much. Hollywood Handbook
  20. I liked that the guest wasn't very mean to Hayes and Sean. It's nice when people are nice, and sometimes mean people make people sad. Good job Guest, and Good Job Hayes and Sean! Hollywood Handbook.
  21. I hope Paul Tompkiss isn't as mean as Adam Pally, who was very mean. I'd like to know Mr. Tompkiss' most secret hollywood fear. (Hopefully this question isn't too scary to be asked).
  22. What should we get him? A foam mic cover?
  23. I would like to know if Donny thinks acting is fun, or if it mostly just makes him sleepy. Also, same question but for music, then also if he ever forgets he's doing stand up while on stage and then just does something else. Thanks for the fun show.