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    Episode 81.5 — Minisode 81.5

    If no one has already corrected your Corrections and Omissions, Kareem Abdul-Jabar wasn't in Enter the Dragon. He was in Game of Death.
  2. Hammerpants

    Episode 7.3 — Original Content: Day 3

    What a travesty! I don't understand how you could get lost with the F+, and don't know how you could be entertained with the last couple Totally Laime's. They seem to be coasting by every week because the guest judges have either been on their show before, or been aquainted with the shows guest from that week. They should have been eliminated after their horrible attempt at writing and acting last week or their fumble on a potentially interesting interview this week. They also did the annoying introduction thing that Matt said no one would be doing this week.