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    Survivor Season 35: Megathread

    "through wilderness training and rock climbing, its second nature for me to enable people and help them accomplish their goals" is one of the most bullshit things anyone has ever said that has actually managed to touch me with its sincerity, good job cole i cant wait for these tribes to be merged/made in to 2 tribes, i hate hearing jeff calling the tribes hustlers and heros and healers cool snakes wow 2 weeks in and my winner pick is still in the game, i think this beats my score last season PROB ep i guess, the idol stuff early on was fun
  2. greggy

    Survivor Season 35: Megathread

    ok i dont plan on making a big production of notes this season but if i see a prime gif i gotta go for it you know? watching jeff probst break down the shitty theme for this season made my skin crawl dr mike immediately being bullied, as well he should be if we're being honest oh hell yeah ryan got that advantage, what a fun super idol lol alan wtf. could be a good way to sneakily see dicks though and if thats the case the man should have been on hustler tribe oh its really cool the producers gave the idol to her in secret just by dropping it in her bag without saying anything, like maybe thats bullshit but a fun detail RIP the advantage, would love to see a return of that one alan was a fun character on this ep, wish i had picked him up somewhere on the team. PRO ep on the PROBST scale, little bit boring tbh
  3. greggy

    Survivor Season 35: Megathread

    Challenge Beast: JP i think pro athletes weirdly tend to be a little lazy on survivor or possibly they just have so much muscle they don't have the fuel they need to keep it all going, but a big firefighter guy is probably going to want to give his all for the team The Strategist: Dr Mike only because he's basically going to have to be a good strategist if he wants to stay in the game The Black Widow AKA the Parvati Award: Desi not just for the obvious dumb joke reason but idk i kind of got this sense in the video i watched The Cutthroat: Joe i never trust a PO The Old Schooler/ Loyalist: Devon Under The Radar: Chrissy idk no real reason Wildcard: Ryan this dude looks like a little imp like my man Jericho in Survivor AU Bench Player: Jessica this babe looks like she could eat my lunch and hell i could use to skip a meal hehe Final 3 Prediction: Ryan. Desi. Roark. Winner Pick: Roark but you may ask, why Roark, greggy? here's why: roark is the one representing me and my ideals/beliefs. she has what it takes to win this thing. gotta go with the podcast listener baby
  4. greggy

    Episode 204 - Rob Huebel, Our Close Friend

    you gotta listen to the eps kid, then it makes sense
  5. matt: "oops, i almost did a hamilton reference. you're welcome, all you listeners who are sick of hamilton references." Jimmy: "people are sick of that?" matt: "yeah, a couple of them" (a 20 minute conversation where they recast hamilton with cartoon characters follows)
  6. i could only listen to the first 5 minutes and i got too sad about the show ending so i deleted it and unsubscribed, i cant have it in my feed reminding me what im missing. i wish i could have made myself get over the sorrow so i could hear them use the 5 pages of popcorn gallery questions they had us do last week but i couldnt take another second!!
  7. mary holland, will you please come on my podcast? well, thanks for listening to my question anyway
  8. also could i get a shout out on the big #200 show?
  9. btw hayes you forgot to click like on my funny wohven posts earlier
  10. for mr thompkins: how great was that popcorn gallery theme song, huh? for the panel: how do you get into "The Funny Zone"?
  11. what are you talking about, everything i said was very positive
  12. its cool they have all the little bios for the designers who picked which clipart to put on the t shirt
  13. you look at the great shirts on wohven.com and you think to yourself "sure these understated designs are elegant and cool, but im a comedy boy and there's nothing for me!" stop thinking that you idiot they also have great licensed shirts like this picture of cartman from south park
  14. wow checking out wohven and it rules friends, check out slick designs like sometimes it takes 3 dudes to get the design so right
  15. greggy

    Episode 198 - Nick Wiger, Our Segment Advisor

    wiger account spotted :rolleyes:
  16. greggy

    Episode 198 - Nick Wiger, Our Segment Advisor

    oh wow THATS what cards against humanity is?? ive wasted my life so far gotta get these cards
  17. greggy

    Episode 198 - Nick Wiger, Our Segment Advisor

    omg i was just about to say that, thanks noho
  18. greggy

    Episode 197 - Nicole Byer, Our Close Friend

    houston, i hate to call you out on this bro, but wtf is going on with your speech bubble. i mean honestly.
  19. greggy

    Episode 197 - Nicole Byer, Our Close Friend

    this episode rules. only thing that could make it better would be, a nice shout out for me in there., maybe if you go on again drew you could slip one in
  20. greggy

    leaked footage of the bois new podcast

    ok sounds good
  21. greggy


    kevin and i collaborated on this, happy birthday Sean
  22. lol did you know you can post on the forum in comic sans if you want?
  23. thanks for doing a segment this week hayes and sean, that really hit the spot. now what i would love would be a nice shout out on the show for me!!
  24. greggy

    Can it really be over?

    stick a fork in it baby, its done as hell
  25. so sad to know there will never be another episode