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  1. hi gang just posting bcuz id love a shout out on the show
  2. hi im just posting because i want to get a shout out on the show ty
  3. running jokes dont last for long on hollywood handbook so either sean will get tired of it soon or they really will end the show
  4. lol yeah man dont worry, if you look at the pictures for this episode you'll see paul f tompkins was there to record one more episode with them, so next week is going to be the last show not this week.
  5. you know what i could really go for? a segment of some sort. any one would do
  6. greggy

    Episode 194 - The I Was There Me Too Show

    in a way, sean was the original fidget spinner
  7. greggy

    Episode 193 - Holly Prazoff, Our Close Friend

  8. greggy

    Episode 193 - Holly Prazoff, Our Close Friend

    i really appreciate this. please, everyone give me permission not to read your posts
  9. what?? i dint know tom had a podcast
  10. thats a good idea, here's mine from thursday last week
  11. so funny you guys fell for this fake episode of holywood handbook that andy kneis made to pretend the show didnt end last week
  12. happy fathers day sean hayes, andy and kevin and brett and sam too. hell, happy fathers day even to all the lady engineers
  13. mary poppins was live action in the first place, if theyre going to remake it it should be a cartoon now.
  14. btw too many non-episode threads this week new bees. plesae to try to keep all talk in the episode thread, so shannon doesnt ban us
  15. been a long time since anyone posted a HomeGrown Tomatoes script but this is one of the best yet, way to go
  16. we've learned a lot, thought a lot, and laughed, but we can all agree this is the right time for the show to go. thanks for the episodes
  17. now THIS is a patreon i'd put down some money for
  18. greggy

    Episode 188 - Tawny Newsome, Our Close Friend

    why is there so much cable
  19. greggy

    Episode 188 - Tawny Newsome, Our Close Friend

    tawny earned every cent of her commission on this episode, great guest but more importantly great realtor
  20. sean giving the audience instructions on how to phrase their questions was very funny to me
  21. greggy

    Survivor Season 34: MEGATHREAD

    ‣ have they always done a ton of these? seems like im noticing them a lot more this season. probably drones making cool helicopter shots much cheaper ‣ hmm immunity in the first challenge? are two people going out tonight? ‣ this really depends on what book you’re getting because if they just have some intern in advertising churn out “grimace’s big day” then who gives a fuck but if this finally gives me the push i needed to get through “gravity’s rainbow” then this is a big deal ‣ very cute aubry ‣ weird move michaela ‣ andrea has never been very good at shaking hands ‣ dont feel good about michaela’s chances tonight! ‣ damn cirie got hammered on that one ‣ oh boy here goes sarah ‣ lol you dont get private convos at council dummy thats why you talk this shit over beforehand ‣ tribal make out party ‣ rip michaela :c i love you on survivor but i dont think you will ever win it ‣ PROB ep, love a good double elimination ‣ oh damn one more ep? i didnt realize we were there already 05/21/17
  22. "everybody is a star" - The Roots, 2004
  23. where can i find some ecard for when theres a good episode of a podcast? ahahahaahahahaa
  24. greggy

    Survivor Season 34: MEGATHREAD

    ‣ sorry i’m so late getting to this! crazy week :c ‣ do you think they just recorded the clip of the island guy going “oooooooh” one time and toss it in to the music whenever or do they have him on the payroll and he records new ones? ‣ lol tai waving at sarah’s dude ‣ andrea trying real hard to cry but never quite gets there [/center] ‣ aww, michaela’s mom is so cute, i love her ‣ wow the culpeppers reunion followed by cirie and her son broke me, teared up ‣ the family challenge is too mean i dont like it [/center] ‣ lol cirie’s son ruled, we gotta get him on some season to play ‣ ooo you know what we need? one of those immunity challenges where jeff tempts them with food ‣ rip sierra, i didnt know your name for a long time but then i did but now it doesnt matter ‣ lol sarah pulled such a snake move to get that advantage ‣ sorry there arent that many gifs or jokes, not a lot to this one ‣ PR ep, fairly boring but it was nice seeing tai and michaela taking some inititative
  25. if you skipped reading the funny posts in this thread, the only one you need to apologize to is yourself