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  1. i think we all grew a lot this week. both sides have learned a lot about the world, each other, but most importantly our selves. so now we can all be friends again and nobody be mad at fancy starboys
  2. looking at the official rules it looks like that is true, so yes i guess you have to ban tim. also saying stuff off topic from the show is off limits so ban everyone who has done that this week please
  3. so fucked up that i am smart and picked the side that can give out stars but now my best friends are made at me. i just dont know what to do mr belvedere. please give me some of your english advice im sorry i said the thing about the U's
  4. hey buddy we're in america no u's allowed in words here . right daddy ?
  5. haha get em boss yessssssssssss
  6. love to root for the underdog. so now im on mr englers side. i hope you naughty boys get in big trouble by my new boss and lover dan
  7. Kevin O'Brien's kicks rock
  8. its up to the reader to figure out which part though
  10. of course i saw that when i watched every youtube video. im mad you showed me again because i hate that i couldnt see the table trick
  11. greggy

    Survivor Season 34: MEGATHREAD

    [/center] ‣ when debbie is the one calling the shots, your alliance has some problems ‣ oh yeah the crazy window washer bench challenge, this is fun [/center] ‣ lol ok editor chill out we get it, there was actually more to it than this but i dont want to make you sit around all day loading gifs ‣ blue is a lot better at the pullers telling where the pieces are ‣ its funny to make a big deal out of the horse race aspect of the beginning of this challenge and then the puzzle takes an hour to complete [/center] ‣ this guy’s voice sounds like one of the puppets on mr rogers neighborhood, its crazy ‣ its funny when they get excited about the concept of a lazy susan [/center] ‣ LOOK OUT ANDREA HES COMING! RIGHT BEHIND YOU!! [/center] ‣ what are you doing? you can fly, dummy ‣ really thought this one was michaela’s, good work andrea [/center] ‣ this lizard got a LOT of screentime this ep...possibly sleeping with a producer?? [/center] ‣ one of the biggest mysteries of this episode is what was debbie doing that they had to censor? she’s smiling really big so i dont think she’s mad. did she hold up a picture of the prophet muhammad? did she do the i love you sign at sarah but cbs censors thought it was like a lesbian thing and didnt want the controversy? i hope debbie says after the show is over ‣ rip zeke, you were a great player and truly a game changer ‣ poor michaela is taking it way worse than zeke did ‣ PROB ep, great challenges, big move [/center]
  12. greggy

    Sherry's Berries Code to support Dem Boyz!?!?!!

    save some cash and buy your mom like 70 pounds of normal berries instead
  13. horseman. please. this isnt the time for jokes
  14. ive looked at every youtube video but i havent found the ones they made in this ep. mr july diaz could you please PM me a link? ty
  15. greggy

    Survivor Season 34: MEGATHREAD

    ‣ wtf why would you not pick michaela for a challenge, that is weird to me ‣ you’re right michaela, it doesnt make any damn sense ‣ god help them if i ever meet the editor who BUTCHERED this peek into heaven ‣ whoa what a truly powerful moment, thank you jeff for telling us how historic it was ‣ OH MY GOD MICHAELA DIDNT GET THE ADVANTAGE lol this is fucked up ‣ great observation by sarah: most people dont notice whether a car’s plates are expired, but police, the people whose job it is to charge people for having expired license plates, do ‣ congrats to my husband troyzan, someday i will see that dick i promis you ‣ lol troyzan must be smellin rank out there ‣ haha this is so mean of me to post, sorry michaela youre my favorite so its ok for me to pick on you ‣ “i need aubry to think i’m her best friend and i think its working” ‣ yes aubry make some moves pls ‣ i hope debbies damn face falls off in this vote she is being very annoying ‣ michaela rules ‣ for all my lonelyhearts pals you can let this loop and practice kissing on your screen ‣ FUCK YES rip debbie, this season was much better for having you but it was time to go ‣ this ep is a very soft PRO thanks only to that last minute blindside, what a snooze
  16. the secret is, when they look deep inside and are totally honest with themselves, everyone is a sean
  17. hmm hard nation you say the improv show where one host constantly screams NO into the mic yes this is very similar to and as good as hollywood handbook
  18. hey, kevin? could you please post some of the pics of your feet you took, you know, for fun haha? thanks sweetie
  19. greggy

    Survivor Season 34: MEGATHREAD

    ok after i talked to some people i'll bump it up to a soft PROB because of good character stuff from cirie, michaela, tai, and zeke (although zeke was fucking up)
  20. greggy

    Survivor Season 34: MEGATHREAD

    ‣ ok this week im going to passive aggressively call out people who probably arent even reading this for NOT spoiling me on anything so now i think this ep must be boring! ‣ OH NO SARAH IS MAKING THIS ABOUT HER AGAIN IM SO SICK OF THIS WOMAN GIVING MIDDLE AMERICA A LOOK AT HOW EASY IT IS TO CHANGE AND GROW ‣ lol too many twists this season, chill out jeff ‣ of course its tai [/center] ‣ a feast fit for a king ‣ surprised there wasnt some sort of advantage for the have nots there ‣ wtf debbie just showed ass to tai. then said she was pretending to be drunk ‣ can you get kicked out of survivor for sexual harassment debbie is going for it this ep ‣ i thought zeke would end up telling everybody, probably the best move ‣ i’d be down with 1 woman 1 man immunity, p big field right now ‣ oh well. hope michaela wins i dont want her to go :c ‣ nice job andrea, cool a woman won this one ‣ ugh i dont want hali going either blah ‣ really loved that sideways cirie/michaela convo, michaela is one of the few people in survivor to have one of those and not rush off trying to scramble ‣ this tribal is boring get on with it [/center] ‣ RIP hali you were great ‣ its funny she calls herself a goat though ‣ “hmm calling cirie a grandma is too much and she’s going to see this someday, better knock it back to aunt” - aubry ‣ oh word andrea is really in charge? [/center] ‣ theyre about to feed you tai, you dont have to eat the soap [/center] ‣ no tai wait [/center] ‣ just when i was thinking there hadn’t been that much gif material in this ep so far haha ‣ thank you marshall for the great reward, mr marshall the man who did this for us ‣ man the challenges on this ep suck. i know theres just too many people but it makes for a boring ep ‣ jeff this is the time for you to bring up how good tai is with poles ‣ damn good work tai [/center] ‣ the lady on the tv is cute folks. had to be said and i think i might be the only one to have noticed this ‣ glad that michaela doesn’t seem to be on the chopping block this time ‣ ahh yes ozzy the classic “i can find food” gambit, this always works ‣ really no idea who is going ‣ damn, debbie really did it ‣ RIP ozzy you were very boring to me and no one cares about fish ‣ PRO ep i was right at the beginning, very boring
  21. greggy

    Episode 182 - Doing Spont, Our Close Friend

    ha. im actually glad podcasts arent art. i'd hate to have to go to a museum to hear "cumtown". i might not even bother
  22. greggy

    Episode 182 - Doing Spont, Our Close Friend

    much like this episode
  23. greggy

    Episode 182 - Doing Spont, Our Close Friend

    this is really good