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  1. if i ever record a stand up album i will title it "jokes to tell at funerals"
  2. cool it, val's brother
  3. we can talk about those things if you want val. though i wrote a post with a couple jokes and then i reead your post again and was like "dang i better not make jokes about these stories" so i dont know how to talk about them tbf i saved one joke, i pray not to cause offense but i will include it anyway: do you think zumba had anything to do with the cancer? maybe you should think about crossfit
  4. mr gabrus, do you ever find your mind going to dark sad things when you can't fall asleep? yeah me either
  5. i think its realy cool that adam corolla is advertising his show on podcasts but the ad copy is just so overwrought it makes anyone who reads it sound weird BUT if its putting money in earwolf pockets i cant get too mad~ REDEMPTION
  6. and if nixon hadn't been worried about reelection he wouldnt have disgraced himself, he could have just been satisfied with being god-emperor of US rly makes u think
  7. i give this episode 5 pulsating mood sacs
  8. (thats just a joke, killing ppl is moraly inacceptable)
  9. a cia man hoots victoriously and jumps to his feet at his desk "whats up charles?" says the guy at the next desk the crazy big screen at the front of the war room flashes ESTEBAN RICARDO cia charles points at the screen and shouts WE GOT HIM, ESTEBAN IS STEPHEN i'd tell you more but then i'd have to kill you
  10. dang ashton kutcher just punked me im going to go eat dead animal flesh to make myselg feel better
  11. and if you need to figure out how to spell usher's name for making the booking you can just listen to his song "nice and slow"
  12. i just found out who rupert grint was, lol
  13. hello mr next week's guest's last name, i am wrriitng this popcorn gallery question to you because i am from your hometown and one time i saw you mowing your lawn before you were famous. small world right? you are a jerk and ugly. do you still talk to that lady who used to live with you then? i think it was your mom now if THAT doesnt get on the show i dont know WHAT will
  14. this is the 80s and im down with the ladies
  15. maybe the guest is allergic to corn, or peanuts but they process the popcorn gallery in the same facility that they make cracker jacks in
  16. yeah hot dog, august lindt, and danny mahoney have to be coming
  17. i know when whoopy golberg was making lion king she did the hoagie method, i heard her on the commentary saying "make mine a club sandwich"
  18. thanks chancin your the one i would go for that info so your opinion means a lot to me
  19. i mean im not calling u out on comic view because that was legit big but i think after school was more rap videos, like mtv would only really play the most popular rap but if you wanted those silkk the shocker deep cuts you had to go bet
  20. your brother soyunds cool
  21. i know im not supposed to say this but i dont like the carmel chewy ads
  22. sometimes i will think about aaliyah and be sad for a while :c i'm glad mr holmes got that nice moment with her tho