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  1. greggy

    Episode 22 - Damn Girl

    hey hunter im 4 years late for this, and back when this was current i was doing a whole thing so couldnt say something like this with sincerity, but your call on this ep was very good. great job hunter.
  2. paul scheer points at you, and for the second time you step up to the microphone in front of a rapt crowd and sing a song you wrote about the movie they watched that week. the lights of the stage and the pressure of the crowd combine to make you awash with sweat. with no backing track its hard to stay in tune, but all in all you think you're doing an admirable job. your mind wanders and you realize you can't remember what happened in your life between this song and the last one you sang for your favorite podcast. the song comes to a close, and as the crowd breaks into applause you wonder, is this heaven? or is this hell? jason shouts a word of praise to you as you stumble off the stage, but you barely hear it. no time for kudos, you have another song to write...
  3. greggy

    Episode 173 - Mike Mitchell, Our Close Friend

    i like the horny girl wolf drop. i dont care which one i get so long as it isnt a sklar brothers promo!!
  4. greggy

    Episode 173 - Mike Mitchell, Our Close Friend

    loved every half of this ep, one for the record books
  5. sinbad, dave thomas. jessica mckenna. whitmer thomas/clay tatum. pauly shore.
  6. you've truly done it again, charlie. masterpiece
  7. sean was so catty on dogboys, honestly i loved it
  8. who am i donald trump? haha jk can you even imagine
  9. fucked up that julie klausner, a lady who LDL thinks is funny enough to follow to any podcast, went on such a unfunny show so many times. i think she's just doing it to troll this guy, another classic klausner crackup
  10. greggy

    Episode 171 - Chris Bannon, Our Close Boss

    wow, cant believe i won, i barely even know how football works. fantasy sports rules
  11. greggy

    Episode 171 - Chris Bannon, Our Close Boss

    this dudes the boss but he puts a pic up with a hand on his hip with 2 fingers pointed straight at "The Commander" ? careful i think i spy a wedding ring, dont fall in love
  12. greggy

    Episode 171 - Chris Bannon, Our Close Boss

    wow this week sean lost an arm AND hayes had his shrunk by the dastardly wizard chirs obannon, ill be praying for you men
  13. i wonder how long there is til the next ep...
  14. greggy

    Hi, new to the forums. Nice to meet you, everybody!

    welcome everyone now episode thread is over thataway folks >>>
  15. is a wendigabrus real or did they make it up for the show
  16. i really liked this episode. thank you mr hayes and sean and john for making it for me
  17. damn baphomet put a shirt on, im starting to be like my friend andy kneis loooking at that bad boy
  18. greggy

    Episode 168 - Will Greenberg, Our Good Friend

    this ep was good but WOW that promo at the end of the episode was something else! i'd love to check out this show but all the ways i try to spell it (spinitration? spawntathon?) dont seem to work. a little help here?
  19. its funny, i think the less familiar the audience members were with the show the better they did. i am going to live my life endeavoring to have forgotten everything i have ever learned to be a blank slate oh wait lol thats how i always am
  20. nice to have the steady hand of july at the helm this week
  21. greggy

    Max SilvestrI, Our Close Friend

    i will always be a footnote in the history books
  22. greggy

    Max SilvestrI, Our Close Friend

    its only what i deserve
  23. greggy

    Episode 165 - Max Silvestri, Our Close Friend

    oh man i just talked to the coach and it turns out the entire Marc Maron-i and Cheeses have been spending all their training time in a childrens hospital, volunteering with sick kids. now they all have chicken pox. so if my team loses, its because of this very selfless and tragic reason. but if they win thats just the power of the human spirit because each of my team members are playng for some little goner out there. also joe lerini's team is a bunch of criminals and dumb fuckers
  24. greggy

    Episode 165 - Max Silvestri, Our Close Friend

    damn, the thread is HOT this week
  25. greggy

    Survivor Season 33: MEGATHREAD

    http://podcastsarewonderful.com/post/154579113056/survivor-33-finale-wow theres no way this will fit in a post. PROBST episode, PROBS season