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  1. prob just the blurry picture but you looked kind of like the kid from pet semetary but specifically that version of him, not when he got older and weird looking
  2. thought that was mr besser for a sec there (the one on the left)
  3. called this a forknight ago, am i a psychic or just rly smart? to be frank it was just common since so maybe neither
  4. Whitemare recut of 12 years a slave where we replace the soundtrack with scarry horror movie music and end the movie when he starts singing, if you saw it you know what i mean
  5. oh you have made a mistakes, tumblers are for making shiny rocks or making your house sound like the world is ending tumblrs are for posting gifs of cartoons your too old to be watching or talking about what men from tv shows should be having sex with which other men from tv shows
  6. my last oak tree had some dumb electric device it was growing out of, so i started posting and now you know the rest of the story
  7. greggy

    Episode 80 — Jack Frost: LIVE!

    i dont usually post in this bored but this was the best episode of this show ever, good work hdtgn team, love you
  8. shelby fero should do her own earwolf podcast where she interviews elementary school students who want to be movie stars when they grow up
  9. when you post for yourself you make more posts for others to see and possibly connect to, then you will realize you were also posting for them as well
  10. if u dont like your posts how can you expect any1 else to
  11. wait but other podcasts r live right? i always wait for primetime to hit play because i dont want to listen to dead air
  12. i wish today was tuesday :c hit like if you agree, hit share if you want to marry a movie actor
  13. how did this get made? ha someone should ask that question about that show not really though, it was probs p easy. heck give me 2 men and a microphone and i could make a podcast also doesnt work as an insult because i actually like that show
  14. i almost wish they would prerecord the doug calls and have my mentor thomas edit them down or someth but if that happened i guess doug might get mad and say mr bezser was making him look bad on purpsoe? idk it is a toughie because i really like where this seems to be going but doug has a hard time staying focused if anyone can make it work tho it is mr besser
  15. i like the show Never Not Funny, the Jimmy Pardo Podcast
  16. the end of the homeless jean bit of i4h made the top of my head fall off because i laughed so hard my mouth tore through the back of my head jk i dont think that possible, i did laugh hard tho
  17. btway, the 2 shows i post in the forums of are hollywood hanbook and i4h and their right next to each other, v. convenient, any chance of moving this show up a bit? thx in advance
  18. dang, so excited about this news i want to sing it from the tops of a roof
  19. congradulations, some day i hope they say my name on the show but none of my questions are good enough :c
  20. slept on this a minute but it is v. good, high five
  21. brian huskey was a perfect fit and gave me alot of insite in to bidding wars + stuff, a+ show
  22. a beautiful mind 2: a beautiful body ok guys what if we got pretty gitrls and they wore bikinis or small shorts? you dont relly need a story but we could toss something together on the set, cant beliueve no one ever though of doing this
  23. dads can be the worst, when i sprang fully formed from my old man's forehead he made this weird sound that would crumple yr skull if u heard it, so embarrasseing
  24. big name star+franchise film? im seeing signs, which is to say dollar signs how about we do something that has never been done b4 tho, you mentioned flubber, why not instead make it flubber 2/hobbit 4: unsulation of smug, tie both series together, still put a dragon and some short ppl in there, maybe a portal opens or something to the real world or we can run it under both names seperately in the same theaters, double the money