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  1. sweden sounds like a good place, i live in USA VB is a fun person but freja you also are cool so just keep your shine on and rest assured we will all see it and bask in that glow
  2. spiders are the most efficient bridfood too, 2 more legs then a bug and a whoping 8 more then bird seeds
  3. todays era of facebook gaming has made it more common than you think spiders? hmm...spiders spider spiders....oh thsoe mans with 8 legs? birds got to eat friend
  4. even up until then they were coming out sporadically so its possible there might be another one someday, but i wouldnt bet the farm on it
  5. though if you check this one start with an earlier episode, i just started listening to this week's and the guest seems like a weird creep edit: it got better, but still not a good intro to the show
  6. i forgot go bayside, one of my new favorites
  7. if HH is out of the running improv4humans is best, then uhh yeah dude, then CBB then never not funny although really cbb is top but you probably already know about it so what the heck some other ones i check out occasionally are lou reads the internet, doug loves movies (depending on guests( and dead authors (i would have that in the top if it came out regularly) then pretend i said something weird on this bottom line
  8. the hobbit 3: the insulation of smaug smaug's castle is very drafty so the dwarf gang fills all the walls in with that foam stuff they advertize on the radio this one is almost totally based on words that sound alike i admit, but could still work
  9. thanks for making this funny show for me mr besser
  10. garfield 2, we can just rework my unpublished fantasy novel THE DRAKESTAFF OF FARLONG as a garfield vehicle garfield would be the wise whizzard Jarfle from my novel, but now his name would be garfield but otherwise he would be that character, i think you get it jon arbuckle would be the anime elf archer king Shepperoth odie would be the kind-hearted troll thief protstitute Sexra nermal would be the evil barbarian murderer Geroge otherwise it would take place in new york city instead of the magical kingdom of farlong and instead od taking the drakestaff to Geroge's lair to slay him with they would go out for lasagna, besides that it is the same story tho we should probably take out the romance between jon and odie man i have written a lot of words today, it really takes it out of me, im going 2 go drink an iced tea and take a lie-down
  11. sorry to say so many words, i usually just like to post jokes but lately my mind has been heavy hearted
  12. but im not trying to keep u awake forever praying, here is the prority list, in case you only have time for a certain amount of additional ppl in youre celebrity prayers: 1 beyonce 2 beyonce +jay z 3 beyonce + jay z+laurne hill 4 beyonce +jay z+ lauren hill + timbaland, i know he has a new song and it owns but im afraid kids wont like it
  13. also lauren hill, i know she hasnt been in the public eye for a while but sometimes silence can b the scariest sound
  14. lately i have been kept up all night worrying about beyonce and jay z. i now they are probably really happy and a good cpouple but i think if they got a divorce it would be harder on me than if my parents did it would rly make me feel better if my friends here added beyonce and jay z to their celebrity prayers tonight. u probably already are, i dont mean to tell granny how 2 suck eggs, but just in case your not do me this little favor
  15. ghost dad 2 i kind of dont remember what this movie was about but what is bill cosby doing lately, he could get on there and spookily tell kids to pull there pants up and stop listening to rap music
  16. would i front in death? an interesting question....i think i will just mostly rot then but if a gravesman does me up with paint and bow ties then i spose i would then be fronting sad to think about, i ope to have my brain uploaded to my phone by then, texting lol 2 my boys at the speed of thought
  17. thanks for saying my name in your song please know tho i would not front, never in life
  18. that is a very cynical stance you're taking ironically in other news the av club did a feature of the best foods of the year. the olive garden won best italian restaurant, hershey chocolate won the best candy bar, and vanilla won the best ice cream flavor
  19. jingle all the weigh in the time since jingle all the way jake lloyd becomes a superfan of sumo wrestling. arnold schwartzenegger (sp?) must gain 300 pounds to win his son's love. sinbad is the mailman again and tries to keep arnold from gaining weight. phil hartman is dead :c in the thrilling climax sinbad mentions star wars and jake lloyd goes berserk and rips his di*k off
  20. dang such a good bonus a great bit like a doctor pronouncing placenta as "plakenta" was totally dropped
  21. please tell me about the dreams youve been having lately, whackier the better b/c i like to laugh
  22. i want to meet thomas the star of the improv4humans podcast, its on earwolf like this show
  23. idk this is such a nobrainer i think it already must b in production but uh HARRY POTTER 9 anyone?? he becomes a astronaut and does magic on the moons and mars and among the stars