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  1. vb biting my style thats ok tho, looks better on her anyway
  2. yeah well i have a force feild belt so lasers bounce right off me and also my dad is zeus and he frys you with lightning powers (this is an analogy)
  3. borrowing your pic to make a tribute if we want to use it 4 the kickstarter to fix he butt thats ok with me
  4. does his butt still look p good though?
  5. i love mr showalter but hate call in shows, rip
  6. we never heard who the next guest was for questions, im starting to be afraid it was the late mr walker
  7. greggy

    Episode 259 — Charlotte's Website

    i dont usually post on this bord but i must say that forum mentioned on the show today sounds really good, we should get those posters to come here
  8. but yeah i am praying for him and his family and the car and its famil
  9. i dont mean to speak ill of the dead but this was bound to hapen, all signs pointed to another way to get around, it was right there in his name for pets sake
  10. thats the meanest thing anyone has ever said to me
  11. ooo good choice i love his lymphoma
  12. im allergic to cats but if i wasnt and i liked cats i would name it garfield after america's funniest, fattest, lasagna loving president john garfield
  13. i always liked "Hrhooooooh"
  14. oh sh*t is there even going to be an episoe this thursday? wait i forgot mr besser is an athiest, he doesnt care about holidays, nm
  15. its hard to wait for thrusday
  16. i think i need more words in my posts to get a question on
  17. bumper stickers you put on other people's cars when they arent looking
  18. the character comedy album mr besser is selling is really good and worth plenty of $2, everyone should check it out
  19. mr damien fahey: what is cocaine like? is it fun? also how does it work, do you eat it or what
  20. have kulap on the show and then say you get half the money from the socks afterward since she's done both or make matt bessocks i liked this ep a lot. also i recieved my improv manual today, i got it on amazon os i will write a review when i read it. i will buy your standup too mr besser then i will be out of things to buy from you edit: fixed a typo
  21. greggy

    What's bothering you?

    i mean except for the hair cancer but chemo ought to root that out
  22. greggy

    What's bothering you?

    im pretty much doing ok, thanks for asking