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  1. greggy

    Episode 104 — A Hotel Tell

    wasnt she like 15 ? im very disappoint in u ntn
  2. greggy

    Episode 104 — A Hotel Tell

    andy daly more like andy daily b/c i would like to listen to him 4 times a week (just a little joke for ya)
  3. i appreciate you saying my name in your post but as a scientolojist i am not supposed to appear on camera as it lets my thetons oput good episode you 2, i liked that guy on it
  4. please forgive me i just had to get that out
  5. no offense but matt besser, lauren lapkus, ian roberts, and joe wengert are very talented and hilarious improv comedians
  6. i dont mean to be rude or anything but this was a really good and funny and cool episode
  7. i dont get on here and post often enough but i love you i4h
  8. donald glover: remember when you werent in spiderman? that sucked, right? sometimes u guys get ppls names wrong, you should have the negineer google them before the show
  9. adam pally: remember when you were in iron man? that was p cool, right? this show is a little more rude than your last one, plx dont say my name on it
  10. greggy

    Episode 101 — Coma Counting

    say hi to betsy sodaro for me, she is my favorite
  11. greggy

    Episode 39 — There Is Ninjas

    to be real though thanks for RSS, it was a treat i never would have watched shark tank without you looking forward to the new show ALSO thanks for the shout out bit 2 weeks ago, i laughed
  12. greggy

    Episode 39 — There Is Ninjas

    thanks for saying my name on your radio show :D :D :D
  13. greggy

    Episode 146 — Keep It Clean

    someone at earwoof tell howard that the JT verses on holy grail arent love songs, he is singing about fans and papparrazzi just like mr z is rapping about it is a song about the love/hate celebrities have for being famous hope this helps
  14. greggy

    Episode 38 — I Have 30 Companies

    dear mr clemence and mr davishboard. hi. my name is greggy. please say my name (greggy) on your radio show. (greggy). love, (greggy). 2006 for life
  15. forgot to say that, l8er 4 rill
  16. btw, i mean for a podcast mention of my name
  17. posting a secon time this week in case that helps, late mate
  18. greggy


    "Welcome to Comedy Bang Bang, the pork hats where reality does a bison"
  19. ok, i dont mean to get negative, but this is starting to get rly frustrating. every week i point my computer speaker at my mic, skype call my google voice number, and hit play on itunes on this show so it can make me a transcript while i listen to adom carrolla's manscast on my ipod. every week after it is over i check my email for the transcript and ctrl+f for my name. every week it isnt there. i wouldnt complain except for i thought maybe it was happening this week when i was skimming, i saw mention of 2 g's. that is pretty close to the number of g's in my name, but google voice said this person had a clone avatar. i have a krump dancer avatar. this was obviously a false flag. im not going to say i will stop b/c this is now a part of my tuesday routine but still i would rly like a shout out, shane and heys. also, "the pork hats where reality does a bison"? wtf kind of foolish catchphrase is that?? i assume i would expect better of u guys if i listened to the show
  20. greggy

    Episode 35 — Riddle Me Why

    um i dont mean to make this awkward or anything but you forgot to say my name on the podcast again
  21. greggy

    Episode 34 — Total Math Wiz

    just listened to RSS and you guys forgot to say my name again this week #whatgives shout out to clem, best poster
  22. greggy

    Episode 33 — Antigua Is So Beautiful

    hi, i am just posting so you will mention my name on the show well, see ya
  23. greggy

    Episode 31 — Surprise Surprise

    this ep was HOT