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  1. This video is nuts. Start at 7s for roll call or 33 seconds for insane body paint or 2:22 for I CALL UPON THE SPIRITS OF ALL THE GREATEST SEX EXPERTS WHO EVER LIVED
  2. I'm 20 minutes in to the episode and Matt has inspired me to register for the forums and post. I really enjoy the Earwolf Challenge. I think it's a very interesting show, and I like hearing the different judges give their opinions and suggestions. I don't usually seek out new podcasts on my own, so I rely on recommendations, and EC has given a ton of exposure to 10 podcasts I possibly never would have heard of without it. I have tried out each of the shows that "lost" the challenge so far, so even though they didn't get the big prize at the end, I'm one example of the show "working" for them.