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    Episode 8.1 — Using a Famous Guest: Day 1

    also the complaing about trolls made me mol(meh out loud) I think you can go toe with a troll online and not take the bully pulpit and cry about people being mean. IMO anyway i dislke when people get all bent out of shape over stuff like that. call me whatever(i am black so I have been called whatever especially on X-box live) and most times is really funny other times its weak but in a not funny weak not a (call the Waahbulance way)
  2. randomblackguy

    Episode 8.1 — Using a Famous Guest: Day 1

    I signed up with the explict reason to address my growing frustration with what is a otherwise good show. For one While I don,t think that Totatally Laime is going to win because that was the plan all along I do think that they are getting the hometown discount with two different guest challenges and the fact that the judges are set up to be confused by any podcast that has a premise that extends past "we shoot the shit with comedians". Also the idea that a fix is impossible as why would they have the show and just hire who they want is silly. this show is getting listeners and getting people fired up for the new show. I love matt and the idea but to think of this as a reality contest is silly as its impossible to bring new people up to speed on shows and judge them on being clear. How can a show like f plus or tv zombies compete with laime who is a cute sounding girl talking or australians talking. next time only have talk shows or have a mix of high minded ones but dont mix the two. Its like a sprinter racing a marathon runner both are great but depending on the distance of the race one is out of his depth.