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  1. Dan Telfer

    EPISODE 144 — Fart Mail

    Blaine just shows up to sell us his vitamins. It's a horrible scam and we're all trapped. Please help.
  2. Dan Telfer

    EPISODE 143 — F#$%ing Bird Cops

    I get the impression you looked at my post and thought "How can I avoid considering his point and spin what he said in a way that keeps this unpleasant?" Doesn't feel like a particularly constructive conversation to have. I really like doing the show and just wanted to pop in and let someone know that I'm always looking for the story stuff. I like you guys and feel like I understand the tribe of big ideals, we just can't be a Project Image spell flowing from anyone's Staff of Illusion. And thanks to everyone who's been so cool to the show throughout my participation! I don't take your continued listening for granted.
  3. Dan Telfer

    EPISODE 143 — F#$%ing Bird Cops

    I think you guys transfer a lot of your Sark mourning into some big leaps of logic. We are having fun and playing a game. And Sark rules so I get it. We love each and every one of you, but I feel like sometimes there's way more roleplaying than people WANT to notice. Sometimes definitely not.
  4. Dan Telfer

    EPISODE 143 — F#$%ing Bird Cops

  5. Dan Telfer

    EPISODE 140 — Andrew the Magic Carpet

    I think you stopped listening because Brian's character did something that required true, roiling passion.
  6. Dan Telfer

    EPISODE 139 — Not Before I Get A Rubbing!

    The risk is too great, uninstall iTunes.
  7. It's private now. You can still see it, but it's exclusive to the user in order to make using an account for professional purposes more lucrative. I'm not just saying that as someone on an Earwolf podcast- I use Soundcloud for other stuff and was like, wait where the hell did this go?? It's a part of a larger change happening over at Soundcloud.
  8. Dan Telfer

    EPISODE 128 — Spiderhana

    I'll be honest, I appreciate the advice and skim all of it. But it's not the kinda game where all of it can be included. We have to make it listenable. Trust me, if I followed every bit of advice that is thrown at me daily on Twitter you'd A ) only hear math on the podcast because we should be calculating every rested turn and using a grid B ) I'd have killed myself per the instructions of one guy who thinks I "sound like a drag queen".
  9. Dan Telfer

    EPISODE 128 — Spiderhana

    Strange Brew is completely non-sensical and tries to do like 20 thematic things at once, but it holds up surprisingly well as a dumb comedy.
  10. Dan Telfer

    EPISODE 128 — Spiderhana

    It's been working fine on here: http://www.earwolf.com/episode/spiderhana/
  11. Dan Telfer

    Character Drawings

    Um, holy shit Thorneater.
  12. Dan Telfer

    EPISODE 127 — The Magic Word is Bitchass

    Rug of Welcome, suckazzz.
  13. Dan Telfer

    Knoxville D&D

  14. Dan Telfer

    EPISODE 125 — What's in the Cave?

  15. Dan Telfer

    Character Drawings

    Take it to the "blank post" thread, guys.