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    Episode 6 — Analyze Fish Pt. 2

    Analyze Fish(burne) - Someone who loves actor and thespian Larry Fishburne paired with a novice, maybe someone who has never seen The Matrix or it's sequels would be fun (I suddenly wonder if Shelby has seen The Matrix) Analyze KISS - Have KISS Army General Jimmy Pardo try to convince someone who dislikes the band KISS to enjoy their music Analyze Wish - Someone over there must like the film Death Wish, right? Analyze Dish - Two people, each one has a dish they love that the other hates. Can either person change the other's mind?
  2. Why we are on this particular mission, we'll never know. But I do know, here today, that the Black Knights will emerge victorious once again.
  3. CavemenGoGo

    Episode 29 — Atheism

    Hello, my name is Dave Puntsberger. Please keep doing the hatch bit, it's a small thing that gives your show a certain context that lasts for the entire episode. It's not as overt as The Apple Sisters, but it keeps continuity from show to show and funny is always mined from bringing it up. I look forward to listening to more Doctor Blastoff in the future. Blastronauts, lift off imminent!
  4. CavemenGoGo

    Episode 2 — Masquerade

    One suggestion about the podcast for the future. Last episode did a fantastic job at setting up multiple scenes for each suggestion, which not only gave the show an exciting pace, but stacked funny on top of funny. While this episode had good moments, and I know that the nature of improv is being spontaneous and not forcing the issue, I do think changing things after a couple minutes would ensure a scene doesn't go overlong. - For example, in the first episode with the museum curator scene played by Andy Daly was so dynamic and funny because the improvisers kept changing up the scene and adding to the overall story, which in an audio medium is great to listen to. It's fun to hear the performers dealing with a challenge at breakneck speed, and that was absolutely reflected in that episode. Matt and the gang don't have the luxury of feeling out the audience to know when to move on from a conversation or add to what's going on, so perhaps building more scenes based on the opening discussion would fix that problem.
  5. CavemenGoGo

    Episode 4 — improv4humans

    Great show. At first I was slightly put off because of the studio setting, and I was missing the live audience. But after a few minutes I was hooked; it's great to hear improvisers create a vivid visual setting, and it can be more imaginative with audio since they don't have to worry too much about losing the audience (like the devolved dog monstrosity at the end). - I'm trying to think of critiques for the show, but I just love that this is a low-fi explosion of creativity. The things I thought of (a recurring segment, varied improv games, time limits) would ultimately take away from the free form nature of the podcast, and I trust Matt and the Sunshine Band's judgement. I'm smitten. - By the way, Father Birmingham needs to make an appearance on Comedy Bang Bang, for all mankind.
  6. CavemenGoGo

    Episode 18 — Foreign Relations

    The Foreign Relations Riddle was one of the funniest things I've ever heard... and then the 2 x 4, whack, goat happened. I have stretch marks from laughing at that.
  7. I just made this account after listening to Matt's intro of today's episode. - I have listened to every single edition of the Earwolf Challenge, and I realized today that I am enjoying this free content which regularly improves the hours of sweating through the subways without giving anything back to Earwolf or this show. I thought I could take the 3 minutes to register and log-in to say that I love the Earwolf Challenge. At first I wasn't sold on the idea of a realty competition podcast due to the excess of "reality" in media nowadays. However, I gave it a shot because Matt Besser is always hysterical on this network and I usually trust anything with his name stamped on it. - This is a great, great podcast. One of the things I love is that Matt Besser, while effortlessly funny, is also critical of art in an insightful way. While it is usually light-hearted, there is always a hard truth that each contestant can take away from their conversations. He is the sketch comedy bizarro version of Coach Eric Taylor from Friday Night Lights. The conversations about the show itself between Matt and the producers (who do an awesome job setting this up) are as entertaining as the show itself, and occasionally more so. The struggle that Matt has between being a host and judge is good for the show; it adds an undercurrent of conflict through the coaching sessions where the contestants have to really engage with him and pay attention or be left behind. - A suggestion for the next Earwolf Challege: I would let Matt give the judges a quick line about the podcasts before listening to the segments. While the work should speak for itself, no one besides you three is going to listen to 8 or however many 2 minute clips from podcasts in a row. So instead of jumping right from one segment to the next just something like, "Okay judges, our next show is the F-Plus. This is a show where a roundtable of people take something weird or filthy written on the internet, read it aloud, and comment on it throughout." This way they don't get whiplash from going from Totally Laime to something about grown men defecating themselves.