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    Earwolf Store Delays?

    I ordered shirts from the Earwolf store 4 months ago, and still haven't received them yet. I've been in contact and twice been told they were having difficulties with their store, but that I'd have my stuff in a week. Twice, that didn't happen. Now, customer service isn't responding to my e-mails at all. I don't even want a refund, I just want my t-shirts! I'm at least hoping that the money that was supposed to go to Harris's scholarship fund actually got there, even if I haven't received the shirts for it. It's sad because I would love to buy more stuff to support Earwolf, but this has been such a disaster it makes me put off from the whole thing. Is anyone else having extreme difficulties getting things they paid for? I guess I'm only putting this in the forums in hopes it will spur on some action. Hopefully my case is an isolated one.