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  1. OGRastamon

    EPISODE 116 — Top Dog: LIVE!

    Right! It may be easier to understand if you imagine the racist being played by Norm MacDonald. It's a post-ironic anti-joke. "It's like I always say, wetbacks are as easy to kill as David Hasselhoff."
  2. OGRastamon

    Episode 252 — Ice Bucket Cure!

    RE:Growing pains They do occur during the night but can be intense enough to wake you. When I went through it I thought that I had early onset arthritis because, like PFT, I had no idea that it was an actual physical condition. RE: Show end pains I'm going to miss this. Thanks.
  3. OGRastamon

    Episode 78 — Crossroads

    Dammit! I listened to this for an analysis of the Ralph Macchio/Steve Vai guitar battle.
  4. OGRastamon

    Episode 5 — Analyze Fish

    Brody works part-time because Amity is a vacation spot with few residents during the off-season. P.S. Will I one day get to hear a favorite comedian extol the virtues of the Barney Miller spin-off to a Vigoda neophyte?
  5. It's because Jeff struggles with near synonyms like "implication" and "insinuation" and Larry is nearly Holmesian in his eschewment of knowledge not immediately relevant to his interests.
  6. Yo, I don't see any difference between Johnny Depp as Tonto and any other character he's done for Burton. Tonto was never representive of Native Americans and is just as cartoonish and mythological as Edward Scissorhands or Willy Wonka.
  7. OGRastamon

    Episode 31 — Dressing In Chains

    Yo, you're missing the point that my rhetorical question was meant to point out that their point is effing ridiculous.
  8. OGRastamon

    Episode 28 — Reverse Racism

    Yo, I'm not saying that you're wrong but your definition of "reverse racism" is entirely different than the one I've been using for aprroximately 30 years. I've always thought it to be a gratuitous act influenced by race. Such as an attempt to prove to a black person that you're "OK" with their being black or what closet racists accuse affirmative action of being. I believe that any bias by non-whites against whites, if such a thing exists or is relevant, would simply be called "racism".
  9. Yo, sexual attraction, whether influenced by race, size, hair color or any other feature, is biased by nature. That's not to say that you can't pile more blatantly ignorant biases on top of those which are more instinctual but preferring someone of your own race is not racist in and of itself. There was a time (as a child) when I did not find black girls attractive. I had no context to associate their unique features with such primal feelings. However, I agree that any adult in a diverse society that exclusively dates a particular race, whether their own or not, should be held in suspicion. Unless it is a fetish I can imagine no other acceptable reason. P.S. Yo, why wasn't this topic already posted by the Admin?
  10. Yo, I once had a co-worker get offended at my referring to his Filipino wife as "Asian" and I suspect that she would have had the same response. His complaint was that the Philippines are not in Asia. My counter was that there is a difference between race and nationality but he wasn't having it. Anyway, IMNSHO Oriental, though archaic, is no different than Asian. They both refer to a place of origin in which the race is no longer confined. So I'm still stymied as to why it's racist. (Oh shit. I bet "stymied" has racist origins). P.S. Yo, isn't it racist that you two assumed that because the caller was getting a massage from an "Oriental broad" that his comment about an "angry ending" was anything more than a lame pun? Or am I just naive to believe it possible that he wasn't there for a hand-job?
  11. OGRastamon

    Episode 31 — Dressing In Chains

    Yo, if 30 Rock and Blazing Saddles are racist then what about Roots? Do historical dramas get a pass not permitted social satire?
  12. OGRastamon

    Episode 16 — The Smurfs

    Now just because I criticized the episode doesn't mean you needed to take it down. What's up with that?
  13. OGRastamon

    Episode 16.5 — Minisode 17

    So...what happened to Episode 16 The Smurfs with Paul F. Tompkins?
  14. OGRastamon

    Episode 16 — Yikes Ahoy!

    Gypped is racist? Seriously? You do realize that gypsies are not a race or a nationality but are a culture of people that have factions throughout the world that are defined by a shared history of nomadic communalism that has traditionally survived on flim-flammery and grift. That there are people today who call themselves "gypsies", whether they actually live in such a commune or merely claim the ancestry, who are not criminals is irrelevant and claiming offense at the term would be like the Gotti kids taking umbrage at the term "mobbed". P.S. Thanks for taking my advice 27 days before I gave it (after listening to Episode 1 a few hours ago). The long form show is much better.
  15. OGRastamon

    Episode 1 — Jimmies

    Yo, You Got Out of Bed and Set Up the Mics For This? I was excited to learn, after an indefinitely long absence, that Earwolf had a "new" podcast dedicated to my third favorite uncomfortable subject. I hit play, turned up the volume and began to clean house. It sounded good but I was still waiting for the water to get hot when you were done. Brevity is a malevolent spirit possessing the soul of a glutted medium that is usually enjoyed on the go. Since you're already in the studio you could perhaps answer more questions and ask your guest about their experiences with racism. If you haven't got more to say than can be said on your Twitter feed then you don't deserve a podcast.