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  1. The snowblower Scott Augerman drive cable connects the control lever to the engagement lever on the snowblower's Scott Augerman drive system. If the Scott Augerman won’t engage, it's often because the Scott Augerman drive cable is damaged, worn, or broken. Replace the Scott Augerman drive cable with a manufacturer-approved replacement part if it'is defective. This step-by-step repair guide shows you how to install the new Scott Augerman drive cable.
  2. I can't believe it's not butter, but I'll take your word for it. As unlikely as it seems, it's at least remotely possible that it's a podcast.
  3. or.. John Kerry says SEND IN THE TROOPS, because THIS podcast used comical wea-puns!
  4. Congress says go ahead and listen because comical wea-puns were used..
  5. a_w_young

    What guest do you want to see?

    Please bring back "the grandmas" (from the paul f tompkins stand-in host show with the super ego guys) Apart from the recent holiday special, it was my all time favorite episode. Best characters ever. I'll even make a tuna fisht sandwich for the occasion.
  6. a_w_young

    Hopes and Dreams for The CBB TV show

    a friend who doesn't regularly listen like I do was excited after seeing the preview, they said "it looks like a modern SCTV".. comparisons are not always appreciated I'm sure but this was a good thing coming from them, excitement.. Things I'd like to see for the CBB show? Probably just lots of the show and that it lasts a good long while!
  7. a_w_young

    Episode 149 — Live from SXSW 2012

    I disagree and think a live show is a special case that shouldn't be held up next to other regular episodes anyway.
  8. a_w_young


    extra points for a "no, no, not gadget __something something___" screwups after too, followed by stumbling and stuff getting knocked over and scott emerging from a mess on the floor to announce the show
  9. Hey guys, Love y'all and all.. I just learned the hardway that I can't count on the "ON TOUR" tab. Reggie Watts is playing in Toronto this coming week between mine and my lady's birthdays, and I had no idea and there's no good seats left. Did not show up in your on tour stuff. Sad whining/complaining/ranting over with. Thanks for listen'n. Signed, Seatless Adam and The Sadness Band
  10. a_w_young

    " "

    (john cage inspired catchphrase?)
  11. a_w_young

    How do I get more Twitter followers?

    There's books and articles galore on social media success, and being really good at it isn't just something everyone can do without a lot of work. There's a reason social media managers, etc have a market for their skills. There's lots of ways to do the things you want though on a smaller scale. The main thing is creating and sharing content people want and understanding how to interact with people and find an audience.
  12. Nick-nack-paddywhack, give a what's up hot dog a bone
  13. There Is No Auckerman, There is Only Zuul