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  1. If you guys ever to an I4H award show, I think one of the front runners for Best Callback has to be when Charlie Sanders made the comment about the "Bert" ecstasy being named after the guy that won the mayoral election.


    Also, I L'ed very much OL when Betsy exclaimed "Tim Meadows!" when he showed up in that one scene.

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  2. I don't understand Matt's point when he said "If I was a writer for SNL, I might say 'too soon' [to the sketch]." If "too soon bugs the crap out of [Matt]" and "is dangerous," how can that be said? That doesn't jive with me. Does that mean that, for wider audiences, "too soon" makes sense? I honestly don't understand that. I would like to hear Matt clarify that point.


    I'm not Matt but the way I took that point was that it was less about SNL having a wide audience and more about the difference between the mediums of television and podcasting. It's possible to just turn on your TV and have something that offends you being in front of you through no fault of your own. With podcasting there are so many steps you have to go through before you are listening.You are seeking out a podcast that you know is a comedy podcast, seeing the description, then proceeding to download and listen. It would be damn near impossible for someone to just happen upon it. It's just an inherently different medium than network television.

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    No, it's absurd how PC the world is. What world do we live in where it isn't 'strange' that a male director becomes a female one and they go from brothers to starship. That isn't making any value judgement on their choice, but it certainly is strange.


    Ugh, the PC thing again. Is it really that hard to be compassionate and understanding? Transgender people aren't just deciding on a whim to change sexes just cause it sounds fun. Most of them live their lives uncomfortable in their own skin not necessarily knowing how to deal with it. A lot of them just think there is something wrong with them and often end up committing suicide because they can't handle the pain of not fitting in to society. They know that there's enough people that will just call them "weird" and "freaks" if they actually do something to make their lives better and more livable.


    But yeah, YOU'RE the one that's being persecuted because everybody's so "PC".

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  4. I'd be surprised if Howard hadn't heard of Aesop Rock. He's not exactly an unknown.


    And I don't want to sound like I'm calling you out specifically as I'm not one to start internet arguments, but as someone whose iPod is about 80% rap music, I get frustrated with "hip hop snobs" who only listen to the stuff that white people like. Don't get me wrong, I'll listen to a Talib Kweli or a Del tha Funky Homosapien or certainly an MF DOOM, but you're more likely to hear me bumping some T.I. or Jay-Z. I can't tell you how many times I've had to just give up on trying to defend Lil Wayne or Kanye West to hipster friends, but this is the life I've chose or rather the life that chose me...