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    No, Samantha, the people who don't watch Real Genius and Kindergarten Cop every time they're on are the ones who are wrong.


    You and I are gold.




    Aw, thanks Cameron. I definitely will.


    But seriously, those movies are such a comfort to me.


    I really wish they'd do a Where Are They Now? on the kids from KC. It's killing me that I don't know what happened to like, 80% of them.

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    Dunno. I just assume everything I read on the Internet is true. Do you have a second? I'd love to tell you about chemtrails and the lizard people?


    Off topic, but every time I see your Real Genius icon, I smile.


    For some reason, it's been on cable A LOT the past two years, & I swear, I have to watch it every time.


    I'm like that about Kindergarten Cop, too.


    Something is wrong with me.

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  3. I have nothing to contribute to this thread expect for the fact that I love Sebastian Stan.


    & that this movie is awful, but kind of fun?


    P.S. Last year, Sebastian posted a picture of himself with all the Covenant dudes at a restaurant, & I was like, "Aw, well, at least friendships were made from this garbage-y movie!" It was kind of nice that all of the bro-witches are still bros.

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  4. I've seen this trailer a couple times now ahead of various movies (I think the first was Daredevil, maybe?), and I have to wonder how quickly the first person gimmick is going to get old.


    It looks like a movie that exists just to be a montage of action-y violence, and I'll probably see it because of that, but at the same time, it kind of feels like watching someone else play a video game. Which, as we all know, is what everyone loves about vidya games.


    Edit: I was talking about the new season of Daredevil with my friend when I wrote this. I totally meant Deadpool.


    I really want to see this, but I got queasy just watching the trailer before Deadpool.


    What a shame because it looks bananas.

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  5. I also went through a wanting to be a witch phase because of Charmed and Sabrina!


    I was more of a fan of Prue's powers than Piper's. Probably because I just wanted to move shit with my mind. Phoebe did kinda get the raw end of the power stick though.


    (Raises Hand)


    I, too, went through a Witch Phase.


    But mine was due to being obsessed with The Craft. Although, I did dig Charmed a lot. I was all about Prue's powers.


    Great, now I have Love Spit Love's version of "How Soon Is Now?" stuck in my head.

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  6. Josh Miller (Richie) is Jason Patric's brother in real life.


    He was my favorite, most hated "creepy kid" in the 80s. I hated him in every movie he was in, especially in River's Edge, Teen Witch, & Near Dark. & funny enough, Jason & Josh both put out vampire movies in 1987. Jason with Lost Boys & Josh with Near Dark.


    Anyway, I love Teen Witch very much & can't wait to hear the episode!

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    Also what's doubly funny about this is the fact when he's working on Acid Burn's computer he's typing a mile a minute which prompts Acid Burn to say "I hope you don't make love like you type." At this point he slows down to about the same speed he was using to hack the TV station. Maybe we are led to believe that after not using a computer for five years his typing speed had been reduced and he was slowly getting back into the speed of things.


    You know, I swear the actual line is, "I hope you don't fuck like you type," but "make love" was ADR'd in there.




    She's the gif that keeps on gifing...


    Thanks for all the recommendation everyone, any DC recs also welcome


    I do not read much DC stuff (currently reading the newest Black Canary run & it's pretty fun) but I do read a lot from Image Comics. Maybe you can give them a try, too?


    One of their best ongoing series is Saga, & oh boy, it's fantastic.

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  9. I thought I was biased as well because they are the best people ever!


    I also recommend Sex Criminals and Bitch Planet because House DeFraction can basically do no wrong!


    I also read Sex Criminals & Bitch Planet. I have yet to start Pretty Deadly, but I own the first trade & hope catch up soon. I will basically read anything Matt or Kelly write. It's so silly, but I adore them.

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  10. Ooooh if we're doing top 5 comic runs then I am 100% down for that.


    I didn't start really diving into this shit until 2012 and before that I was such an art nerd that I literally only ever bought stuff for the artist and the cover art and never actually read them. Now I got so into Fraction's Hawkeye that I kinda started only picking things that Clint was featured in hahaha, but I started branching out based on what I've heard from others so I have a ton of recommendations! Also a ton of writers have clearly been a fan of Fraction and have started writing Clint in the same way, which I absolutely love!


    1) Hawkeye by Matt Fraction (Taking the bullet for this because it's still my favorite series ever)


    2) Black Widow by Nathan Edmondson


    3) Captain Marvel by Kelly Sue DeConnick


    4) Hawkeye vs Deadpool by Gerry Duggan (Short run but hilarious and worth it)


    5) Secret Avengers by Ales Kot (I don't think they got to wrap this series up the way they wanted to because Marvel is dumb but I fucking loved this run a lot)


    I second Fraction's Hawkeye run (PIZZA DOG!) & Kelly's Captain Marvel.


    I'm a huge House DeFraction fan, so maybe I am biased?

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  11. I like it too. But it is kinda laughable now. The ridiculous 90s concept of what computer hacking is.


    Also... Angelina Jolie's lips though.... mmmm.


    I love every single thing about Angelina in Hackers.


    Her face, her haircut, her wardrobe, her weird accent, her makeup, etc.


    I guess I should go watch Hackers for the 1,000th time.


    (Fuck, I sound like a creep...)

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  12. What a fun bonus episode!


    Colin was great, Jesse was fun, Matt & Brian were bonkers (as usual), & Josh was just hilariously quick.


    Scott was so, so great here. I love hearing him have fun with the guests, & this episode sounded like a good time was had by all. So many throwaway lines Scott said had me crying with laughter.


    & then, I was crying for real.


    I did not expect to hear the "Foam/Phone Corner" theme song & it took me by such surprise, that my reaction was to immediately start crying. I know that sounds batshit crazy, but it suckered punched me in the heart. For a split second, I honestly thought we were getting new Foam, & then I remembered. It made me sad, but happy, too. I'm so glad Scott brought it back (TWICE!) & I hope to hear it anytime "foam" & "corner(s)" are mentioned.


    Good stuff, man.

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  13. I refrained from listening to this episode, as I was trying to save it for a "rainy day,"


    Trying to do such a thing was an awful error on my part, & I gave in this afternoon.


    Listened to this episode at work, & around 4 people came up to my desk to ask me if I was okay. That is how hard I was laughing & wheezing, and probably making a general ass out of myself. Oh sweet lord, it was the best!


    Everything about this episode was perfect & delightful. Jason Mantzoukas is literally one of my most favorite people on the planet. He could be on any podcast, or in any project, & I'd immediately listen to/watch it. Hearing Jason & PFT give Scott shit was amazing. I probably rewound the E.T. "no homo" bit 20 times. Mike The Janitor is becoming one of my favorite PFT characters. I can't wait to hear how all of Mike's campaigns turned out!


    Probably going to save this episode forever for when I need a good laugh after a bummer day at work, & need to torture my co-workers with my laughter.


    That's what they get for putting me in an office where there aren't any fucking windows!


    (CBB Weather Report?)

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