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  1. Somebody forwarded me this New York Times piece about a real-life iBrain, and apparently, Stephen Hawking has one.


    β€œThe iBrain can collect data in real time in a person’s own bed, or when they’re watching TV, or doing just about anything,” Dr. Low said.


    "Bucking bronco! Bucking bronco!" says Brett Gelman.

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  2. This is becoming one of my favorite new Earwolf podcasts. It taps into something I believe all of us have experienced at one time or another: the difficulties in trying to convince a friend that a band/film/book/etc is worth their time. When Harris's attempts to get Scott to like Phish have concluded, I would love to see this continued as a recurring show where various comedians try to get their friends to become fans of one of their guilty pleasures.