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  1. I'm out of likes again, but I'm really liking everything you guys are saying. Except, after seeing and hearing Skizelo, reading "monster fuckathon" coming from him feels wrong.


    Who else needs to be involved in the next hang out:

    mwn, spunky foonerism, squoopy doops, jacob c, freja, saladjesseraphael, charlie murphy brown, and everyone else who didn't participate. Some of the newer people can come too, but I will be judging you guys more harshly than the others. Just tell me a story about a time you tried to commit suicide and I'll quickly warm up to you. Or tell me about your speech impediment! Anything to endear me to you. Or endear yourself to me? How do I use this word that I love so much?


    Oh yeah, and I didn't mean to imply that the other participants weren't stars. Anastasia and Brillo are always stars in my eyes.

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  2. I just listened to the podcast and it might be the best one yet. Paul's Liev Schreiber made me laugh so hard. I probably should've taken notes during the podcast like I did during the podcast forum hangout. I'm sorry, my loves.


    McGurl, you had a speech impediment? Did I just make fun of it? That reminds me of the time I went on a date with a guy and was being mean to him in a fun way and I told him his thumb was freakishly small, then later realized he had a tiny, disfigured hand. As Liev Schreiber would say, "Oops".

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  3. I just watched your hangout and I have some comments:


    We all NEED to request songs for Andy to sing next time because hearing him sing Run Around might be my favorite part of the whole night.


    The star of the show overall, however, was Joe McGurl. Very funny, very nice, very mentioned me multiple times, very handsome. And I think he accidentally said "Shayes and Hean" at one point.


    TakeHomeJoke was lurking in the shadows just like I'd expect from a newbie.


    OcterDoctopus and Andrew need to be involved next time and Honlads needs to figure his shit out.


    Can we not call forumers by their real-life human names? It's weird. Bozos isn't James, MBOP isn't Kevin, and Asteck isn't Adam of even A-Steck. He's Asteck. Sorry dude, shoulda capitalized the S.


    You're all lucky Greggy's voice was shot or you'd all look like second or even third bananas. The few things he was able to rasp out were hilarious.


    What happened to MatchGame72?


    Asteck, your kitty is everything.


    I paid $100 for a microphone + $6 one-day shipping for this son of a bitchin' shindig that I didn't even officially attend.


    My bf loves Burdrulz. He didn't comment on much of anything, but he was quick to say he thinks he'd get along well with Burdie.


    Skizelo really, really does sound like Richard Ayoade. I think Skizelo should change his name so that everyone will know he's British. Perhaps Skiz-ellogov?


    Treese, you played my #TeamTreese song to your mom? That's wonderful news. You're not my favorite of the night, but you were my favorite when I left last night because I felt a strong textual connection with you (I wasn't joking when I started writing "textual connection", but I guess now I am?)


    Chanson talked shit on people who go to state schools and I'm thinking, alright, if he's not rich then he's like Zach Galifianakis' "pretentious illiterate" character.


    Perfect pool table timing by Brgrho.

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  4. What is your husband into, Anastasia? I like to buy people stuff that they didn't even know existed. My [redacted] plays a lot of video games, so I'll search for unique merchandise for games or developers I know he likes. If your guy likes Game of Thrones, there is a ton of stuff at the HBO site and there's that new history of Westeros book out.

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  5. I just watched the rest of Hayes' "Those People" videos on YouTube because burdrulz posted about it on Facebook. Thoughts: Hayes is very funny, he is a very good actor, his costar is equally amazing (maybe even a lot better than him - hard to say). My favorite one is either the one where they're trying to get the waiter's attention or the one where they're considering getting dessert. I like restaurant humor.

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  6. I just got tickets to see John Mulaney on the 30th, so now I have that to look forward to.


    Hmm.. what would get you guys talking? Let's see... Well, when we had our Google Hangout the other night Chanson said he thinks Sean and Hayes might talk to us there someday. Anastasia and BRRII disagreed. What do you guys think?

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    I saw Gary Gulman open for Louis CK in Boston. It was great. Gulman is v underrated in my opinion.


    I love Gary Gulman too! Even though I voted for John Heffron when they were both in the final 2 on Last Comic Standing. Sorry, Gary, but I was young and very attracted to John Heffron. Did you ever listen to Todd Glass' old podcast Comedy and Everything Else? Gary was on it a few times and he is just so likeable. PFT had some classic appearances on that too. There's one where he tells the female cohost to shut-up upwards of 30 times. It's amazing.


    Have you seen Henry's movie Punching the Clown? It's wonderful and he just made a sequel.

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  8. Let's get crackin' on these posts, people.


    I went to see Tig Notaro last night. Stephanie Allynne was there, which was very exciting. Tig's opener was a musician named Dylan something, I think. Who cares?


    What comedians have you guys seen and who was their opener?


    I saw Chelsea Peretti open for Sarah Silverman.

    I saw Harris Wittels open for Louis CK.

    I saw Nick Kroll open for David Cross.

    A friend of mine recently saw Henry Phillips open for Mike Birbiglia and I'm so angry about it because I love Henry Phillips.


    Also, on both the Louis and Sarah shows Todd Glass was supposed to be their opener, but it ended up where he didn't start opening for them until their next show. Such sad nights narrowly saved by other super funny people.

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  9. My gmail is valerie.ann.bryant@gmail.com and I feel like I can make myself available at pretty much any time because this hang out means a lot to me. Tonight at 7 is Chanson's suggestion? Guys, who's available?


    Brillo has been wanting to do this for over a year, hasn't he? And you shitheads always have an excuse. No more! No more disappointment in 2015! I'm gonna be there tonight, even if it's just me and one of Sean's cats (please make it be Criswell - also, ask Eddie Pepitone if you can borrow his cat, Criswell).

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  10. I just watched Haim Slides with Sean and it was amazing. I actually switch up who my favorite host is all the time. And now I feel like I know them both so well that picking a favorite host would be like picking a favorite parent, except that's easy it's my mom. Hey Bozos, did it hurt your heart when Sean called your co-host "Bozo"?

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  11. I thought of some motivation for you guys to listen to my songs. I’ll tell you what they’re about and then I’ll tell you who I just fucking name in the songs as a way to make you feel personally connected to me.




    #1 – Lady Marmalade – General HH song just to get the mood right. Forumers named: MBOP, McGurl, Anastasia, Freja, Brgrho, ShowShowBro, Bozos


    #2 – Gaston – Chanson – As if Chanson hasn’t been abused enough, I had to get my punch in too. Forumers named: BRRII, Burdrulz, Greggy


    #3 – Country Strong – #TeamTreese – An inspirational song about rooting for the overdog.


    #4 – Billy Joel’s For the Longest Time – On Sean’s Facebook Page – Sorry there’s no mention of Sweat Garage, Show, but it’s there in spirit.


    #5 – No Doubt’s Sunday Morning – Chad Michael Murray – Hayes looks like Chad Michael Murray and I think CMM’s existence has made it impossible for Hayes to succeed. Shawn Ashmore is equally to blame for Sean’s failures.


    #6 – Taylor Swift’s You Belong With Me – I Wanna See Your D – Dad’s described: Treese, Chanson, Hayes, Show, BRRII, Charlie Murphy Brown, brgrho, honlads, Anastasia, and CameronOBrian.



    And in the YouTube video I talk exclusively of TheloniousJunk.

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  12. valerie I would like to request more videos about/starring the professor layton doll. he's such a nerd, but also dashing and smart and nice, like me


    I'm afraid you won't be seeing any more of him. I told him he was outta here if he stole the spotlight from me one more time. This is my Real World audition video all over again.

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  13. https://soundcloud.com/xovaleriexo/6-hh-xmas-song


    Merry Xmas, Xmasheads.


    I also made a very special video about my creative process. The first video I attempted included me being incredibly pretentious while doing a very convincing English accent, but this video ended up feeling mostly genuine. It's sometimes difficult to tell what I should be embarrassed by and what I should be proud of, so here it is.


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  14. PS VEEBS totally loved the song about Sean’s FB page but I was RLLY hoping you’d mention something about the sweat garage. The sweat garage is a gold mine. Also, I’ll bet HAYES is totally kicking himself for having us all on limited profile because guess what Hayes??? You didn get a totally awesome billy joel song about ur potteri skills – THAT IS IF YOU EVEN HAVE ANY POTTERI SKILLS!! We wouldn know buddy. All we know is that I drew your profile pic with my own two hands and that you posted an article about ur brother a while back.


    Trust me, Show, I tried to fit Sweat Garage in there. It just wasn't happening.

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