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  1. https://soundcloud.com/xovaleriexo/4-hh-xmas-song


    If you like listening to people try to sing louder than a karaoke track, you'll love today's song.


    This episode was amazing. Everyone did a great job and, oh boy, Sean and Hayes were incredibly mean to Chanson. They were mean to a lot of you, but Chanson really got it. I wish I'd called in because I'm thinking they would've been nice to me. Anyone thinking Hayes was dreaming I'd call in? Literally dreaming about it, because he likes me so much? Yeah, I think so too.

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  2. Holy shit, she's so cute! Maude is the perfect name for her because she is a precious grandma (and she seems to be suicidal). I don't know a lot about cat diseases, but my dog had pancreatitis once and he's doing fine now. Hopefully she'll come around and remember food is delicious. Are they sure the problem is pancreatitis and hyperthyroidism and not bad teeth or hemobartonella? I only ask because a lot of my cats have had issues with those things, and they all stopped eating as a result. But maybe that's just a cat go-to. My cousin had cat trouble this weekend too when the neighbor's dogs attacked her cat and broke it's leg. The owner is refusing to help because she's made of trash.

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  3. Here is my second song for the holiday season (again, nothing to do with the holidays):




    Now might be a good time to say that these songs are all made in fun and I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings. I really love you guys and it's important to me that you know that. I need you to know that before I post tomorrow's song, because I think it might inadvertently hurt Joe McGurl's feelings and I would never want that to happen. Thanks, guys!

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  4. moviecat_tv I'm so proud of you for settling down with such a cool girl. I wish I could read all of it, but I understand that it's personal and all of that bs. My bf saw the post and said, "Oh great, now my present for you looks like a piece of shit." And he's right. Congratulations, she's a keeper.


    Oh yeah, and guys, we should probably add a question for the forumers about where they work or something, because imagine if we didn't know BRRII works with peautiful patatas. It just wouldn't be right.



    EDIT: I'm glad Sean was molested.

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  5. I just remembered that Anastasia said it was her birthday a few days ago. Happy Birthday, Anastasia! I really like you!


    I also have been meaning to give a big pat on the back to BRRII for some time now, because he donated a shitload of money on behalf of some poor forumers. That's a pretty cool thing to do. He is a good person and deserves some praise. With that said, ladies, watch out... this guy does not know how to manage his money.

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  6. Have you guys seen Fun Size? Ol' Middleditch is in that and, honestly, it's a really good movie and he's a stand-out character in it. If I'd asked a PG question, that's what it would've been about. I think Sean and Hayes would've really liked my question. I'm glad I know I'm not the one who disappointed them this week with a lazy PG question. Let that be a lesson to you, buds: You can't get hurt if you never let yourself be vulnerable.


    I will never ask another PG question or participate in the call-in episodes. Ignorance is bliss.

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  7. I think there are a lot of comments about crushin' on female guests because mostly straight guys post here. I don't know how many 'likes' I'd get if I decided to start talking about all my earwolf crushes, but I'll do it anyway.


    Wengert. Gemberling. Chad Carter. Jon Glaser. Wittels. Conroy. PFT. Mantzoukas. Dunnigan. And like 100+ others.


    And, you know what, I'm not afraid to say that I find them all to be cuties with booties.


    With that said, obviously get rid of all "JUGGS" posts (unless they're coming from me, because ya know mama likes those juggs).

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