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  1. How can you love reality shows and not watch Big Brother? Fuckin' goddamn it, Lauren.


    Hey, you guys bought Kyle's x-mas album yet? You should. I listen to "Honky Tonk Reindeer" in my head 24 hours a day.


    Oh, Kyle, is that you? I didn't see you there.

  2. I read this child discipline book once that described three parenting styles: permissive, authoritative, and authoritarian. Permissive parents don't really discipline their kids at all and never tell them "no". Authoritative parents are firm in their rules, consistent, and use logical punishments. Authoritarian parents are overly strict and use harsh punishments. According to the book, both permissive parents and authoritarian parenting are damaging to children.


    I know both types of parents. My cousin has no rules for her children and it's irritating. In contrast, my brother's friend will slap his daughter in the face if anyone says she did anything wrong. That isn't just irritating, it's infuriating.


    I personally don't love the "because I said so thing", because it always made me angry when my dad would say it. I think parents should have reasons for their rules and punishments and parents are just people and most people are stupid. I just think it's better for kids if you can give them logical reasons as often as possible (if they're super young, it's a little different).


    Oh and I don't think most people view spanking as child abuse. Even in that child discipline book, the author said spanking done in the best way possible isn't likely going to be damaging to children. The best way being you explain to the child why they're being spanked, you do it calmly, you don't hit too hard, and you like hug or something afterward. But it said it still isn't ideal. My parents spanked me somewhat too. I don't really even remember, so I don't think it was a huge deal in my case. I just think normal spanking is weird and illogical and maybe also kind of dumb and lazy (sorry mom and dad, you're dumb and lazy).

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  3. Thank-you, Greggy. I'm all Todd Glass about this shit, so it gets me riled up when people act like it's just as reasonable as any other form of discipline.


    Shannon, why haven't you submitted this pregnant painting story to the "Your Best Story" segment? I am confident you would be a brilliant stand-up comedian based on this one story alone.

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    When one of the comedians came out and did a funny sort of faux-excited dance, did I think back to last February when I saw Stella at SF Sketchfest and they did that? And is this a video of it filmed by Wain's wife: http://instagram.com/p/j3PF6dGs64/? And do I actually think Stella did it funnier because they committed more and I guess really I just am on their same wavelength more?



    Is MIB the best dancer of the group?

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  5. There's a new reality show on A&E called Love Prison about couples who've been dating online for various lengths of time who are then put on this show to live together. I haven't watched it yet, but a non-fake dating show about potential weirdos is exactly what I need right now.


    Did you guys watch Big Brother on Sunday? I thought I was going to start bawling my eyes out, but then Jordan didn't cry so I was able to stay kool as a cigarette.

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  6. Ya guys my nephews are visiting. Any questions for them? I call it the baby corn gallery. I will post answers on here ASAP. The twins are named Harlen and Carter, you can ask them whatevs. Lee is the baby so I'll try to get answers from him. Thank you. And u will all be pleased.


    I have so many questions for Harlena Bonham Carter.


    1. How do you feel about school?


    2. How do you feel about your mom?


    3. How do you feel about grandma's kisses?


    And, finally, for Lee:


    How do you get into the funny zone?

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  7. Wow, guys. You done good. I'm proud of you. This was an amazing episode and Pete Holmes was a great guest for you guys. Everyone was on it, funnily speaking, and no one was too hammy. Pete was joshin' with Hayes, Sean was yelly at the end, Hayes was making funny faces. Excellent episode, bro hoes. I'm just sad I wasn't there to see it.

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  8. tumblr_m4k7hfhJ8s1rncdvl.jpg


    I couldn't find a bf pic, but I did find this photo of a guy I had a crush on when I was 10 or so who worked at Petco. I had a friend covertly take photos of him and this was the best shot she took. I had it cropped, blown up to an 8x10, and framed it. Am I weird or no? Is this a cute thing to do you think? THIS WASN'T MY FIRST COVERT PHOTO MISSION.




    I got my mom involved for this mission in sixth grade. That boy sippin' that juice: my crush, Eli. Those creases on the photo: Made from stuffin' this sucker into a tiny frame.




    And this guy was my first crush ever. He's my cousin. I know he looks like a grandma. A grandma who's hot as shit.

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  9. Don't listen to him, Freja. If you try to put a Bobby Darin song on this playlist so help me god... Just give being cooler your best effort and maybe you'll come out on top. I went to a camp for people who want to stop liking Ashlee Simpson music. I told everyone it worked and her songs are no good, but I was lying. I listened to her cd on the drive home from camp and cried my eyes out. Maybe you'll have better luck trying to rid your heart of Bobby Darin.

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  10. Also there is very little photographic evidence that I was ever a child. Maybe it's because my mom never loved me or because I grew up in an orphanage, I can only guess but probably at least one of those.


    Did you really grow up in an orphanage? Because, if you did, I will leave my [redacted] for you right now.


    Anastasia, is that your real name? Are you really a girl? Do you really have a pirate kitty? As for the photo thing, I post photos on my Tumblr, then copy the photo location and post it using the little polaroid icon.


    Brillo, I had my first [redacted] in 9th grade. No middle school boyfriends for me, sadly. I'll look for the one photo I have of him though. It's from the day we broke-up, so it's a goodun.

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  11. I was looking on a website about the True Detective thing and it linked to another article about the end scene of the season being taken from an Alan Moore comic. http://www.vulture.com/2014/03/true-detective-finale-comics-alan-moore-homage.html It's hard for me to say how serious all of this is. He's definitely using these people's ideas and is getting credit for them as if they were his own, but I don't know if he's doing it on purpose. I think he probably feels like they're homages, references, or easter eggs for fans of those writers. It's hard to say where an homage ends and unintentional plagiarism begins.

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  12. I wish middle school me had a Valerie Bryant to practice my boyfriend skills on, I never made kissy until 26.


    http://hellogiggles.com/first-kiss-22 Does this sound similar to your experience, Rod Aug? I saw this article on fb today and couldn't believe my luck. I said to myself, "My good buddy, Rod Aug, had his first kiss in his twenties. What are the chances?" Was kissing awful to you at first? Or do guys immediately take a highway into the boner zone and love every second of it?


    I ran out of likes so long ago, you guys. I really want to like all of your kiddy photos and funny posts, but I just can't. Junkie + McGurl, I'm gonna need you to repost those photos in bigger sizes.

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