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  1. Catrick Stewart, you're fucking up a lil bit here but you're clearly very funny so I do love you and accept you as one of us. Can I ask you a question? Who is your favorite stand-up comedian? I'd just like to get to know you better now that we're blood brothers.


    Soup, I did like your story about your friend losing half of his foot, but it made me very sad and it also made me fall in love just slightly with your disfigured friend. I want to hear your other sad stories, but I'm scared of the feelings they'll bring.

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  2. This reminds me of this one time when I was really depressed and miserable and I got a call from Sallie Mae (a call I had been avoiding). I answered and we set up a payment deferment for six months. At the end of the conversation I told her how unhappy I was and thanked her for being nice to me and started crying. She was like "Uhhh... well..... have a nice day!"


    I'm a big fan of emotion. Let's be friends.



    And ANOTHER thing...it's Friday night. Why not have a hangouts good time tonight?


    Nah let's do it on a work night


    Set it up, baby. Tonight is also not a work night. Let's be friends at any time that is convenient for you, my love.


    Hi Jan jr. Esq. I like you.

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  3. Hey Paul,


    You created the "secret bit," an additional joke at the end of a live performance that starts 10 minutes after the show ends. So far not a single audience member has waited around long enough to see it. Does it hurt when your art goes unappreciated?




    I heard a rumor that if you watch any of your improv performances backwards, you'll hear a demonic voice reciting Martin Lawrence's Wash Yo Ass SNL bit. Is there any truth to this?

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  4. You guys are very funny and likable.


    I hope you'll talk during the next hangout, Steve. You're interesting and sassy. And I appreciate that you aren't complaining about the Howl thing unlike some other people I know who happen to be very good friends of mine.


    Soup, nice story. Very, very funny. I don't love the masturbation detail but, you know, I don't hate it either.


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  5. I had a lot of fun in the hangout last night. So you know what you missed out on, here is a list of the forumers who participated: honlads, Game of Scones, souprman, Danny Boy Wizard, RanRan, Houston, JeffreyParties, Joe McGurl, and Michael Bay of Pigs.


    And a list of forumers who stopped by for varying amounts of time with an average time of 3 seconds: Bruce Reid Robinson II, Dixon, SteveH, HayesNSean, TaranKillemBadGuys, someone named John, someone named Zachariah.


    Excellent job, friends.


    I'd rather go to Hogwarts with Tronn. Lol Game of Scones! We have inside jokes now! Aren't you sad you don't get it?

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