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  1. Earwolf is my life, which I think it pretty clear from my entry. I hope you like it.

    Lyrics to “Listening to all Earwolf Podcasts” to the tune of “Walking in a Winter Wonderland”

    Earwolf shows, are you listening?
    This is a chart exclusive
    A cake bug's bite gives you the second sight
    Listening to all Earwolf podcasts

    Bob Ducca is list-writing
    Matt Besser is improvising
    Harris plays Phish songs, while Scott moans and groans
    Listening to all Earwolf podcasts

    In the secret hatch you'll hear forced laughter
    Play “What Am I Thinking?” for a round
    Hear ghost stories from the 1940s
    You'll need a plane break just to calm you down

    You'll play “RedFoo or SkyBlu”
    Find out “What Would Nic Cage Do?”
    You'll yell “Henderson”, listen to “Fluffhead”
    Listening to all Earwolf podcasts

    An evil Kelsey Grammar
    An idiot Huell Howser
    Maya Angelou reads an awful poem
    Listening to all Earwolf podcasts

    Psychic Andy is a fraud
    And August Lindt is with God
    If you like Reggie Watts, you'll love Weirder Scott
    Listening to all Earwolf podcasts

    On Earwolf podcasts you'll hear Brett Gelman
    Even though that dick should still be banned
    Get the business from Mr. Jeff Ulrich
    Howard Kremer's the summah's biggest fan

    If it's not in your wheelhouse
    Call Eardrop to whine about
    El Chupacabra's pedophilia
    Listening to all Earwolf podcasts