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  1. Exhibit A:



    Exhibit B:

    20 minutes in to Brother Lovers episode 4, Valerie drops a reference to Under the Dome.



    Uh yeah okay Lovers that's cool...


    Stay off my friggin' turf


    Love the pcast.


    I went to an open mic the other night and this girl had two solid minutes on Under the Dome, so it's been on my mind. I'm sorry if I hurt you.

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  2. sorry i'm in a bad mood. i just went through boxes and boxes of my dead d's shit i haven't looked at in years. sorry guys.




    That's my D on the right with his 2nd wife Joanna next to him and his buddy Eli and his wife Shelly. I think they're in Hawaii. and I'd guess this to be circa 1982.




    Loving this info, Pete. Also loving your dad's 2nd wife because whoa mama is she a hot tamale.

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    Off-topic, but you guys are funny, right? If so, what would be funny nail design to get when I go to the tnail salon with my co-worker?


    Comedy is subjective, so I don't know what to tell you. Even a solid color like red or blue could be funny to some people. I personally find polka dots hilarious, so maybe a few of those.

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    Where did he go btw- deliverin' almost 10 posts a day (it was usually like 7 selfies, 2 new threads, and then like a knock knock joke) then dropping off for like a week? What gives? Can you ask him tonight


    I was really hoping to use my "classic Arugula" joke at least once a week. I know I never really "like" his posts, but I "like" his posts, ya know?


    I actually only wrote that diary post to try to get him to come back. He has always been my only option.


    You're all being very funny and likable this week. I would like to invite every last one of you to come on in as soon as Aregular is through.

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    I'll keep adding to this as I think of them because I have a lot of strong (negative) feelings about a lot of celebrities that I have very little knowledge of.

    1. Steve Harvey - this guy is a complete and total narcissist/sociopath disguised as a guy who cares about, and tries to help people. Why does he think he's qualified to give people advice about their lives? who is this guy? why do people have problems and think 'i better ask Steve Harvey about this'? Also, they did a segment with him on CBS Sunday Morning (I'm an old guy), and of course he's very religious and thinks his success is proof that god exists


    so, Steve Harvey, #1 most horrible person on earth. I'm going to get out ahead of this: don't say 'what about hitler or any of the 20 different guys that did mass shootings this year or ted cruz" Some people are so terrible it's not worth talking about (Donald Trump)


    I really went on a rant there and had to edit that post. It looked like Sean typed it


    Also, I'm constantly have to fight with him over website usernames.


    STEVE!!!!!!! YEEESSSSSSSS. Steve Harvey is the perfect second person to hate. I feel like we should start a book club and our first book should be Act Like a Woman, Think Like a Man.

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  6. She doesn't look like the type of lady who would put up with a guy who only wears hockey jerseys, and talks about comic books.


    Maybe she likes him because he just discovered weed when he was like 48 and he talks about it all the time like he's a freshman in high school


    This post is making me like you a lot. What else do you hate, SteveH?

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  7. Thank for coming to the hangout last night Jude/chicknsandwich, Danny, Eliza, Jeffrey, Andrew/Rose_Cream, Pete/souprman, Chanson, and Greggy. I had a nice time shoving questions in your face. I especially appreciate Pete's willingness to tell me literally anything I asked. I like that in a person. And thank-you to our mystery guest (Sean Hayes, was it?) who kept us on our toes by making fun of us in the side chat. ily too, man. ily too.

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  8. Hey guys, I'm thinking I'll do the forumer hangout today or tomorrow. So far I'll be inviting Game of Scones/Norm, ElizaMuffins, Danny Boy Wizard, chicknsandwich, Rose_Cream, and definitely not Jeffrey Parties. Post your gmail here or email it to me if you want to be involved. Mine is valerie.ann.bryant@gmail.com


    I'm thinking tonight around 6 PST. Does that work? If we do it tomorrow I can get it started earlier if that works better for you guys.

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  9. My mom died a month and a half ago.


    Edit: This was a late response to Valerie's request. Timing is everything.


    Hello my precious baby dumpling,


    You're in a fb group with me and I almost commented on your post but I thought...man, this guy doesn't know me, he doesn't need any of my shit. And now fate has brought us together. I'm really sorry about your mom. I can't even imagine how terrible you must feel. If you're all alone in the world and you need to talk to someone who will care too much, private message me. Thank you for sharing your sadness with us.

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